Is there a season 3 of Case Histories?

Is there a season 3 of Case Histories?

The release date for Case Histories season 3 has not been scheduled. Former soldier and policeman Jackson Brodie becomes a private investigator. A second series aired in 2013. Initially commissioned as two feature-le… Now, Case Histories has fallen victim to the BBC’s inability to see and commission quality drama.

How many episodes are there of Case Histories?

9Case Histories / Number of episodes

How many series of Case Histories are there?

Two series
Case Histories is a BBC television series adapted from Kate Atkinson’s compelling mysteries. Two series have been broadcast, with six episodes in the first series and three in the second. At the heart of these stories is private investigator Jackson Brodie, who is played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Patriot).

Who killed Laura in Case Histories?

Theo Wyre’s beloved 18-year-old daughter Laura was murdered by a knife-wielding lunatic in 1994, and he too hires Jackson to crack this unsolved murder.

How old is Jason Isaac?

58 years (June 6, 1963)Jason Isaacs / Age

Does Louise get with Jackson?

Having rescued Samira from her violent boyfriend Jackson dates the recently divorced Louise Munroe but feels he cannot commit to a relationship with her and goes home, eventually ending up delivering Julia’s baby.

What happened to Jackson Brodie’s sister?

He’s still a magnet for trouble and the troubled, still the self-appointed saviour of lost girls, his life marked with grief for the one he couldn’t save: his sister Niamh who was raped and murdered when she was a teenager.

Where can I watch Case Histories Season 2?

Peacock currently has 2 seasons of Case Histories available for streaming.

When was Case Histories filmed?

The first episode was revealed to be an adaptation of Atkinson’s 2010 novel Started Early, Took My Dog. Filming for the second series commenced in October 2012….Case Histories (TV series)

Case Histories
Directed by Marc Jobst Dan Zeff
Starring Jason Isaacs Amanda Abbington Paul McCole Kirsty Mitchell Zawe Ashton Millie Innes
Composer John Keane

What happened to Michelle in case histories?

Michelle was also 18 when she went to jail in 1979 for killing her husband with an ax while their infant daughter wailed in the playpen; she vanished after serving her time, but Shirley Morrison asks Jackson to find, not her sister Michelle, but the niece she promised to raise, then was forced to hand over to …

Who is Caroline in case histories?

Alison Theo’s family liaison officer.
Caroline Edith-Edwards Jonathan’s wife. A head teacher.
Jonathan Weaver Caroline’s husband.
James Weaver Caroline’s step-son.