Who is the mayor of Mabini Bohol?

Who is the mayor of Mabini Bohol?

Juanito L. Jayoma
Mabini, Bohol

• Mayor Juanito L. Jayoma
• Vice Mayor Renato B. Tutor
• Representative Kristine Alexie B. Tutor
• Municipal Council show Members

How many barangays are in Duero Bohol?

21 Barangays

Location : Southern Seaboard of Bohol
Number of Barangays : 21 Barangays (9- Coastal & 12- Inland Barangays)
Income Classification : 4th Class
Ave. LGU Annual Income : P 50,277,212.72 (2009)
Total Municipal Land Area : 5, 889, 6966 hectares (Source: LGU)

Who is the mayor of Candijay Bohol?


Category Fourth Class Municipality 2015-2020
Region REGION VII (Central Visayas) Bohol
Website www.candijay-bohol.gov.ph
Address Poblacion Tel: 09778561722

How many barangays are there in Mabini Bohol?

22 barangays

Location : Eastern Part of Bohol main land
Number of Barangays : 22 barangays
Income Classification : 4th( Per MC No. 01-MC 15-08)
Ave. LGU Annual Income : P 49,907,064.00
Total Municipal Land Area : 10,457.48 hectares

Which part of Bohol is Eastern?

Guindulman is situated on the eastern part of Bohol, 84.6 kilometers from Tagbilaran, the capital and lone city of Bohol province. It is bounded by the towns of Candijay, Anda and Duero.

When was Dauis Church built?

Dauis Church was built in 1697 by priests of the Jesuit Order and in 1753, Fr. Joseph Nepomuceno, S.J., built a convent in the church complex which became the official residence of the Jesuits from Loboc.

What are the barangays of Candijay Bohol?

Candijay is subdivided into 21 barangays, to wit: Abihilan, Anoling, Boyo-an, Cadapdapan, Cambane, Can-olin, Canawa, Cogtong, La Union, Luan, Lunsoda-an, Mahangin, Pagahat, Panadtaran, Panas, Poblacion, San Isidro, Tambongan, Tawid, Tugas and Tubod (Tres Rosas).

Can Umantad waterfalls?

Can-Umantad Falls is regarded as the tallest waterfalls in the entire province of Bohol. The cascade lies along Cadapdapan River that supplies irrigation to the rice terraces nested above it before flowing downstream.

What are the northern towns of Bohol?

There are 75 islands and islets of Bohol. Most of them are clustered in the northeastern part of Bohol particularly in the towns of Tubigon, Inabanga, Getafe, Talibon, Bien Unido and Pres. Carlos P. Garcia.