What radio station is NCAA basketball on today?

What radio station is NCAA basketball on today?

LIVE: College Basketball on ESPN Radio | ESPN.

What radio station is ESPN in North Carolina?

WCMC-FM is a sports radio station based in Raleigh, North Carolina and licensed to nearby Holly Springs….WCMC-FM.

Branding 99.9 The Fan
Format Sports
Subchannels HD2: The Buzz (Sports) HD3: WDNC simulcast (Sports) HD4: WDUR simulcast (Indian/South Asian)
Affiliations ESPN Radio

How can I listen to the NCAA basketball game on the radio?

Listen to NCAA Basketball Games Online

  1. TuneIn also offers original, live, and on-demand radio all in one spot.
  2. ESPN Radio lists daily schedules of all their shows including broadcasts of upcoming games.
  3. Dar.FM Radio also offers a list of stations broadcasting the games.

Where can I listen to the NCAA basketball tournament?

Anywhere, any device, you can listen to NCAA March Madness on Westwood One for free for the entire duration of the NCAA tournament. Download the free TuneIn app to listen to listen to the NCAA tournament on Westwood One live, one of the main tournament and NCAA final four radio stations.

Where can I listen to basketball?

The NBA on ESPN Radio is carried in over 325 ESPN Radio affiliates across the U.S. and is also available in Canada, Mexico and many other countries. Most NBA on ESPN Radio games can be heard on mobile devices via the ESPN app as well as many other radio apps, including the aforementioned TuneIn and SiriusXM.

What radio station is the Baylor basketball game on?

Baylor Bears – SPORTS RADIO ESPN 1420.

What channel is NCAA basketball on XM radio?

374), and SiriusXM Big 12 Radio (Ch. 375). SiriusXM’s college sports programming is available to subscribers nationwide in their cars, as well as on their phones and connected devices at home with the SXM App. SiriusXM also offers a subscription package built specifically for college students.