How do you mix Luo color p01?

How do you mix Luo color p01?

Mixing: Luocolor should be mixed in a 1 to 1.5 ratio, i.e. 50ml (1 tube) of Lucolor + 75ml of Lucolor Releaser 25 volume. Wearing suitable disposable gloves mix until a creamy gel texture is obtained.

What Colour is PO1?

Blue Ash
Product code:

Size 50ml
Colour PO1 Blue Ash

What percent is Luo developer?

L’Oreal Luo Color Oxidant 1000ml 7,5% Developer.

How do you use Luo color?

Start the application on lengths and ends, then immediately apply Luocolor in the roots, beginning the application at the back nape area of the head. For colour refreshing, take through for the last 5 minutes of the development time.

What is Luo Colour?

LUO Color provides an ultra high-shine and luminous looking permanent colour in just 20 minutes. Each LUO Color shade has a special combination of photo-reflective colour molecules to enhance the personality of the hair’s own reflects.

Is Luo Colour permanent?

Luocolour from L’Oréal Professionnel is a permanent hair colour that lightens up to two and a half to three levels with grey/white coverage of up to 70%.

How do I make a 25 volume developer?

For example, you probably will not have 25 volume sitting around, so naturally, you will mix half of 20 volume and half of 30 volume in order to make 25 volume.

What do the different levels of hair developer mean?

oxidizing potential
Hair developer levels refer to their oxidizing potential, or how much hydrogen peroxide they have. Most bleach and hair color formulas use developer at either 10, 20, 30 or in some cases 40. Depending on the strength of the developer it can also lift the hair color level a bit.

Does Luo cover GREY?

Illuminating oxidising coloring LUO COLOR is a professional product from L’Oreal Professionnel. Thanks to its unique formula, the whole procedure takes only 20 minutes and guarantees 70% coverage of gray hair.

What is Luo color?

What happens if you use 30 developer instead of 20?

The 30 volume developer also works like 20 volume, but it will lighten the hair’s original color by two to three and is more efficient when the desired color is no more than two levels lighter than the original color. It will lift your hair four shades and is suitable for blondes, especially high-lift colors.

Can I mix different volume developers?

Whatever strength you use, the mix should always stay the same. People sometimes think they can put in more developer to achieve greater lift. Not true. You can add in a little more developer if you want a runnier mix in order to work fast.