What do the setting details of crooks room tell you about him as a person?

What do the setting details of crooks room tell you about him as a person?

The description of the room that Crooks inhabits in Of Mice and Men indicates that he is a man of some education and higher level thinking, he is fairly organized, and he has personal pride. His room is both workroom and living quarters, a place where he has lived in isolation for some time.

What was wrong with being in Crooks room?

This chapter begins with the description of a place; this time, it is Crooks’ room in the stable. Crooks, the black stable hand, lives by himself in the harness room, a shed attached to the barn. Injured when a horse kicked him, Crooks has a body that is bent to the left because of his crooked spine.

How is the setting different in this chapter How do your feelings change because of the difference of mice and men?

how do your feelings change because of the difference? the setting goes from the bunk house to crooks room. My feelings changed when they talked about him being isolated from the other men.

How is the setting different in Chapter 4 mice of men?

How is the setting different in this chapter? It changes from the bunkhouse to Crook’s room. How do your feelings change? They change from loud and calm.

How is crooks room different from the bunkhouse?

How is Crooks’s living quarters different from the men’s bunk houses? He has many books and his room is fairly neat. He isn’t allowed in the other men’s bunkhouse, so he doesn’t like anyone in his room bothering him.

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How has their conversation changed crooks feelings toward Lennie?

During their conversation, Lennie reveals the secret about the farm, which Crooks initially thinks Lennie is making up. Crooks also prods Lennie about his relationship with George and scares Lennie by suggesting that George might not come back. The more Crooks presses Lennie, the more Lennie becomes scared and upset.

Why does crooks let Lennie into his room?

Why does Crooks allow Lennie to enter his room? Crooks gives into Lennie and lets him enter because he is very lonely and enjoys the company that Lennie brings. Crooks’s character serves as another example of loneliness in the novel. No one wants to talk to him and he is separated because of his race.

Why can’t crooks go into the bunkhouse?

Because he is not allowed in the bunk house (because he is black), he feels no one should be allowed in his room. According to Crooks, why does a person need a companion? Crooks said people need companions so they don’t go crazy with loneliness.

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Why does Crooks allow Lennie into his room?