Is obey me just a game?

Is obey me just a game?

“Obey Me!” is a simulation game that makes the characters a part of your everyday life. The way you interact with the characters will affect your relationship with them. – There is no gender selected for the main character, so anyone can play.

Is obey a good game?

While short, the game proves to be addicting with an intricate and comforting plot all at the same time. Since the game’s release at the end of 2019 and its release in Japan in 2020, the game has now amassed over 4 million downloads and is ranked 4.9 out of 5 in the iOS app store.

Is Obey on Xbox?

Obey Me: Complete Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S – Xbox’s Major Nelson.

Is Obey Me a dating game?

— One Master to Rule Them All (or Obey Me!, for short) is the latest dating simulation game from NTT Solmare Corporation’s Shall We Date? series. The game follows your journey as an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons.

Is Obey Me a bad game?

Obey Me is a mixed bag: the good will outweigh the bad for some players, but it’s a brawler without too much weight behind its blows. It’s not the worst game, nor is it a terrible one, but I’ve seen better at the same price point. Get it if you want to support a small studio, but don’t expect too much.

Is Obey Me worth playing?

Obey Me may just have the best user interface of any otome game I’ve ever played. It’s modern, polished, and incredibly easy to navigate. It’s also highly customisable, with the option to choose a character for your homepage, as well as their outfit, background music, and more.

How much does obey the game cost?

But it’s still in Early Access and that’s always an unsettling sign when you’re looking for a new game but your funds are limited. So let’s analyze, “OBEY”, after a weekend’s play. You can buy it on Steam now for $14.99 USD.

Is obey me worth playing?

What happens in Obey Me game?

Obey me is a dating simulation app developed for android and iOS. The main character is transported to Devildom by a summoning ritual to attend Devildom Academy as a exchange student for one year. The main character will be greeted by seven gorgeous men that are avatars of the deadly sins.