What is happening to the Indo-Australian tectonic plate?

What is happening to the Indo-Australian tectonic plate?

The plate, known as the India-Australia-Capricorn tectonic plate, is splitting at a snail’s pace — about 0.06 inches (1.7 millimeters) a year. Put another way, in 1 million years, the plate’s two pieces will be about 1 mile (1.7 kilometers) farther apart than they are now.

What kind of plate boundary is found along the coast of Java?

The Java Trench constitutes an extensive subduction zone, where the seafloor of the tectonic plate to the west is being forced under the stable plate to the east (there represented by the Sunda Shelf and the Sunda Island arc). It is an active volcanic and seismic zone.

What type of plate boundary is the Sunda Trench?

The Sunda Arc, a seismically active convergent boundary, is the area along the Southwestern portion of the Sunda plate below which the northward-moving Indo-Australian plate is being subducted (Curray, 1989).

What type of plate boundary is located along the Sumatra Trench?

Sumatran Subduction Trench
This plate boundary is called the Sumatran Subduction Trench, and it is where the oceanic Indian/Australian plate is slowly descending beneath (subducting under) the continental Eurasian plate at a rate of about 4.5 cm/year (2 inches/year).

Is the Indo-Australian Plate oceanic?

Ocean Drilling Program results …rifting history of the Indian-Australian Plate from East Antarctica and revealed that this submerged plateau—the world’s largest such feature—is of oceanic origin and not a continental fragment, as had been previously thought.

Why has the Indo-Australian Plate slowed down?

According to prevailing theories of plate tectonics, the Indo-Australian plate began to deform internally about 10 million years ago. As the plate moved northwards, the region near India crunched against the Eurasian plate, thrusting the Himalayas up and slowing India down.

Is the Australian plate oceanic or continental?

The Australian plate is a continental plate and the Pacific plate is an oceanic plate. At this boundary, the Pacific plate is slowly moving under the Australian plate. This process is called subduction.

What type of plate boundary is Java and Sumatra?

convergent plate boundary
Tectonic Structure of the Forearc Ridges off Sumatra, Java and the Sunda Strait. [19] Outstanding features of the convergent plate boundary along the Sunda Arc are a well structured, 120–140 km broad accretionary prism and a deep forearc basin.

Is the Indo-Australian Plate oceanic or continental?

Is the Indo-Australian Plate convergent or divergent?

The NE boundary of the Indo-Australian Plate exhibits a uniquely complex and laterally varying set of convergent tectonic styles. Continental collision is occurring along the Himalayan, New Guinea and New Zealand segments of the plate boundary (Fig.

Are the Indian and Australian plates the same?

The Indo-Australia plate is a major plate combining the Australian and Indian Plates. But they are widely considered to be two separate plates. The Indo-Australia plate stretches from Australia to India. At about 58,900,000 km2, the Indo-Australia plate is the sixth largest plate tectonic boundary.