What is the difference between airavat and Airavat club class?

What is the difference between airavat and Airavat club class?

Q. What is the difference between Airavat and Airavat club class? A: Airavat is a fully air-conditioned luxury bus using Volvo and Mercedes Benz buses with semi-recliner seats whereas the Airavat Club Class is the same as Airavat but are multi-axle buses with semi-recliner seats and with calf support.

What is the difference between KSRTC and Kurtc?

KURTC is considered to be a Subsidiary formed by KSRTC, still the Bank Account and Logo would be different. 100 per low floor bus to KSRTC in their depots. As per Antony Chacko (Chairman/Managing Director, KSRTC), the new Name ‘KURTC’ came into place not because of the tough of war between Kerala & Karnataka.

Which is the longest bus in KSRTC?

The longest of these is between Pala and Vellarikkund in Kasargod, which is 396 km long. These services are silently approved by some KSRTC officials themselves.

What is airavat gold class?

The Gold Class is basically an Airavat with two axles at the back. The bus has 53 seats, as compared to only 49 in an Airavat Club Class. The seats in Airavat Gold Class do not have calf support, and have lesser angle of recline as compared to the ones in Club Class.

How are airavat Clubs bus?

Airavat Club Class The said buses are provided with multi axle which enhances the comfort level for long distance travel. Full air suspension, fitted with two air bellows in the front and six air bellows in the rear to offer a high degree of ride comfort. This bus is provided with 53 nos.

What is airavat diamond class?

KSRTC went in for a new brand name for the Scanias, and called them the Airavat Diamond Class. One primary difference was that Club Class used Volvo B9Rs and Mercedes Benz Multi-Axle buses, while Diamond Class used newer Scania Metrolink HD 13.7m multi-axle buses.

Does airavat have charging point?

Laptop and mobile charger points are provided. Front panel is modified which gives aesthetic look to bus. This also improve the vision area of driver.

What is the meaning of Kurtc?

The Kerala Urban Road Transport Corporation (KURTC) is a state-run bus company which operates more than 500 low-floor buses (A/C & NON A/C) in Kerala.

Which is the biggest KSRTC stand in Kerala?

Central bus station Thiruvananthapuram
It is the largest and busiest bus terminal in Kerala with 7.41 acres serving the buses traveling on all routes in Kerala and other inter-state destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Nagercoil, and Kanyakumari….

Central bus station Thiruvananthapuram
Rebuilt February 2014

Which is the longest bus route in India?

The bus service from London, England to Calcutta, India (now Kolkata) is considered to be the longest bus route in the world.

Which year KSRTC started in Kerala?

Formation of KSRTC Consequent on the enactment of Road Transports Corporation Act in 1950, Govt. of Kerala formulated KSRTC rules in 1965 by sec. 44 and the department was converted into an autonomous corporation on 1.4. 1965.