What is the central idea of eighty years and more?

What is the central idea of eighty years and more?

In Eighty Years and More, Stanton reminisces about dramatic moments in the history of woman suffrage, about her personal challenges and triumphs, and about the women and men she met in her travels around the United States and abroad.

When did Elizabeth Cady Stanton write eighty years and more?

Anthony and Matilda Joslyn Gage she compiled the first three volumes of the six-volume History of Woman Suffrage. She also published The Woman’s Bible, 2 vol. (1895–98), and an autobiography, Eighty Years and More (1898). The Elizabeth Cady Stanton–Susan B.

What was Elizabeth Cady Stanton known for?

Author, lecturer, and chief philosopher of the woman’s rights and suffrage movements, Elizabeth Cady Stanton formulated the agenda for woman’s rights that guided the struggle well into the 20th century.

How does this excerpt support the main idea of the passage?

How does this excerpt support the main idea of the passage? It describes one of the key mistakes that prevented the fire from being extinguished sooner. Which quotation from The Great Fire best reflects the central idea that the fire might have been extinguished sooner, if not for several different issues?

Which would be a characteristic of retelling?

Retellings should include: Presence of the major character(s) Defining characteristics of the characters. Problem presented in the story.

What problems did Elizabeth Cady Stanton face?

Stanton strongly supported the abolition of slavery, but she and Anthony courted controversy during Reconstruction by opposing the 14th and 15th Amendments, which enshrined black voting rights in the Constitution. Their objections centered on the use of the phrase “male citizens” in the text of the 14th Amendment.

What was Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony’s goals?

She came from a privileged background and decided early in life to fight for equal rights for women. Stanton worked closely with Susan B. Anthony—she was reportedly the brains behind Anthony’s brawn—for over 50 years to win the women’s right to vote.

What is the central message of the article?

In an article, the stated main idea is called the thesis statement. When the author does not state the main idea directly, it is called an implied main idea. An implied main idea requires you to look at the specific statements in the paragraph and consider what idea they suggest.

What is the purpose of retelling a story?

The importance of retelling stories is that it allows students to learn to organize and describe events, which enhances reading comprehension. Story retelling provides ELLs an opportunity to analyze stories and build oral language as they acquire related vocabulary (Schienkman, 2004).

How do you start a retelling story?

Here are the five easy steps:

  1. Preview the book. Talk about the title and pictures with your child.
  2. Read the book. You can read the book, your child can read the book, or you can read it together.
  3. Ask your child to retell what they read.
  4. Reread the book.
  5. Ask your child to retell again.