What is Telus Optik on the go?

What is Telus Optik on the go?

Optik TV app explained You can use the app to watch live TV, set recordings and access our On Demand library on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV or computer.

Does Telus have TV on the go?

With the OPTIK TV mobile app, do not miss out on your favourite shows. Access thousands of movies and shows in HD, live or on demand, whenever you want, where you want it and on all of your screens.

Can I watch Telus Optik on my computer?

You can access the Optik TV app through your web browser on your MAC or PC at watchoptik.telus.com. Use your My TELUS username & password to log in.

How do I connect my Telus Optik TV to my phone?

Steps to install the Optik TV app on Android

  1. If you have not done so, set up a My TELUS account or Optik TV account.
  2. From your Android device, launch Google Play or Play Store.
  3. Type Optik TV into the search field.
  4. Select the Optik TV app from the search results.
  5. Select Install.
  6. Select Accept and download.

Can you watch recorded shows on Optik on the go?

Optik TV subscribers can now stream live TV, watch On Demand content and set recordings using a single app on their iOS or Android devices.

Is TELUS Optik TV available in Ontario?

There are currently no plans to expand the Optik footprint outside of AB/BC and northern QC. In Ontario the closest comparison I can suggest is Bell FIBE. It’s based on the same IPTV ‘Mediaroom’ platform as Optik.

How do I find my Optik TV account?

To continue accessing your subscriptions on the Optik TV app, you just need to use your My TELUS account. The My TELUS account can be easily created on telus.com/MyTELUS. You will need your account number when you register (your account number can be found at the top of your bill).

How is TELUS Optik TV installed?

Follow the steps below to enable your Optik TV service.

  1. Open the enclosure door using the 2 tabs on the right side of the door.
  2. Place your wireless TV box at your TV location and plug in the wireless TV box power cord.
  3. Connect the provided HDMI cable from the HDMI port on the TV wireless box to your TV’s HDMI input.

How do I add channels to my TELUS Optik TV?

Manage your channels online via My TELUS

  1. Log in to your My TELUS account and navigate to the Optik TV tab.
  2. Once there, select Add or remove channels, or if you would like to change your current package, you can select Change Optik TV package.

Does Optik TV need internet?

You must have TELUS Internet installed in order to install the Optik TV. The PVR Drive will be connected to your TELUS Internet Modem, not your TV. Locate your existing TELUS Internet Modem. Ensure that your Modem is powered on and that you have an active TELUS Internet service.

How do I record a show on Telus Optik?

Record a series

  1. Press Guide on your remote control.
  2. Highlight the program you wish to record.
  3. Press Rec or Record twice. A series record icon (3 red dots) will appear in the program guide.