How many radio stations are there in Pakistan?

How many radio stations are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC, Radio Pakistan) operates 67 broadcasting units, out of which 33 are mediumwave, seven are shortwave and 27 are FM stations.

Which FM radio station is best in Pakistan?

Top Pakistan Radio Stations

  • FM 101 Mirpur.
  • SAMAA FM Sialkot.
  • Radio Awaz 106 FM Gujranwala.
  • Karachi FM 96.
  • HOT FM 105.
  • FM91 Pakistan – Islamabad.
  • Mast FM 103 Karachi.
  • Ziauddin Radio FM 98.2.

How many radio stations are in Azad Kashmir?

This is a list of radio stations in Pakistan….Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Name Website
Suno FM 89.4 [1]
FM 90 Mirpur
FM105 Voice of Kashmir [2]
FM101 Mirpur [3]

Which is the largest railway station in Pakistan?

Lahore Junction railway station
Lahore Junction railway station in Lahore is Pakistan’s largest railway station in terms of area.

How many people listen radio in Pakistan?

Currently about one in six Pakistanis (16.5%) listen to the radio at least weekly. Notably, young Pakistani adults are most likely to listen to the radio weekly or more – 21.2% of those age 15 to 24 do so, with weekly listening trending downward by age group to just 10.4% among those 55 and older.

How many airports are there in Pakistan?

151 airfields
There are an estimated 151 airfields in Pakistan. Major international airports are situated in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Other international airports are situated in Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Quetta, Rahim Yar Khan, Turbat, Gwadar D.G.Khan and skardu .

Which radio channel is cricket on Pakistan?

The cricket commentary will be aired on the networks of FM-101‚ FM-93 and medium wave. The English Channel of Radio Pakistan Planet FM 94 Islamabad and Lahore will broadcast commentary in English. The commentary will also be live-streamed at and on the mobile IVR (447405) of Radio Pakistan.

Who is the current DG Radio Pakistan?

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters G-5‚ Constitutional Avenue Islamabad‚ Pakistan.

Department (Head Name) Email Address
Director General PBC Mr. Muhammad Asim [email protected] [email protected]
Director News & Current Affairs Abdul Raoof Khan [email protected]

Where was the first radio station of Pakistan established?

After Independence, Pakistan’s first Radio Station was launched in Karachi and Rawalpindi in 1948.

How many junctions are in Pakistan?

633 stations
There are 633 stations in the network, 1,043km of double-track sections (in total) and 285 km of electrified sections.