What is MDC and MDIO in Ethernet?

What is MDC and MDIO in Ethernet?

MDIO Interface Clock (MDC): clock driven by the MAC device to the PHY. MDIO data: bidirectional, the PHY drives it to provide register data at the end of a read operation.

What is MDIO in Ethernet?

Management Data Input/Output, or MDIO, is a 2-wire serial bus that is used to manage PHYs or physical layer devices in media access controllers (MACs) in Gigabit Ethernet equipment. The management of these PHYs is based on the access and modification of their various registers.

What is MDC MDIO?

• MDC (Management Data Clock) sourced continuously from STA (station. management entity) • MDIO (Management Data Input/Output)

What is MDIO address?

The address value can be set between 0 and 0x1F for 5-bit address physical address or between 0 and 7 when 3-bit address is selected. The default setting is 0x04. Specifies the device type of the MDIO Interface. The value can be set to PMA/PMD, WIS, PCS, PHY XS or DTE XS.

Is MDIO a I2C?

MDIO – A short history For most pluggable optical transceivers the interface used for monitor and control is the I2C interface. Defined as part of MII in IEEE802. MDIO works with 1.2V supply with a clock rate of 4MHz (downward compatibility to 100 kHz).

Is MDIO open drain?

The MDIO bus is not open-drain, when a device transmits data, the pin will change to push-pull output. So yes, it can cause damage, but as the outputs will not be constantly driving the pins to opposite logic states, there is less likely to be damage.

What is MII in Ethernet?

The media-independent interface (MII) was originally defined as a standard interface to connect a Fast Ethernet (i.e., 100 Mbit/s) media access control (MAC) block to a PHY chip. The MII is standardized by IEEE 802.3u and connects different types of PHYs to MACs. On a PC the CNR connector Type B carries MII signals.

Does MDC need pull up?

MDC is unidirectional and push pull – > Input side of the LSF doesnt need pullup resistor. Output side will need pullup resistor. TXS0102 can support both without the need for pullup resistor on either input or output side.

Is MDC open drain?

MDIO is open drain.

Is Mdio necessary?

MDIO (Management Data Input/Output) provides a bidirectional management interface for the PHYs and MACs to communicate with each other. So MDIO is needed to exchange information in parallel to the PHY/MAC data interface.

Is RGMII a differential?

Serial gigabit media-independent interface It uses differential pairs at 625 MHz clock frequency DDR for TX and RX data and TX and RX clocks.

What is the difference between MII and RMII?

MII vs RMII for Ethernet In MII, each PHY requires 18 signals to communicate with the MAC, and only 2 of these signals can be shared among multiple PHY devices. In RMII, the clock frequency used in the PHY runs continuously at 50 MHz for both 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps data rates.