How long is the Hauraki Rail Trail?

How long is the Hauraki Rail Trail?

The varied Trail offers a memorable journey across 197km of track comprising of 5 sections. Take the time to enjoy the ride as a 5 day journey at an easy pace.

Where does the Hauraki Rail Trail start in Matamata?

Starting from Kaiaua in the North, the trail follows the Firth of Thames through a number of townships, the spectacular Karangahake Gorge, to Matamata in the South.

Where does rail trail start in Waihi?

railway station
The rail trail starts at the railway station, and runs alongside the railway as it heads towards Waikino. The train almost ready to leave the station at Waihi. The railway line crosses over SH2 on the journey between Waihi and Waikino.

How long is the Karangahake Gorge Walk?

‘ Well, get out of the car! ‘Someday’ is here! The ‘official’ walk is along 7km of bush-laden bliss, which wends around, variously following the sinuous Ōhinemuri River and the old railway track that used to ruin between Paeroa and Waihī.

Where does the Otago Rail Trail end?

Middlemarch Station
The Otago Central Rail Trail ends 400 metres short of Middlemarch Station. The railway line first reached Middlemarch in 1891.

How long is the tunnel in the Karangahake Gorge?

A 2.5km loop takes you through the kilometre-long rail tunnel (lighting is provided) along the gorgeous river’s edge and through the remains of 19th century mine buildings.

Where does the Otago Rail trail end?

Are dogs allowed on the Hauraki Rail Trail?

Dogs are prohibited from a number of lengths of the Hauraki Rail Trail corridor. The corridor is defined as being the formed Hauraki Rail Trail track, including any area between the fences on either side of the formed track, and includes any bridges, underpasses and farm access tracks.

How long is the Karangahake Gorge tunnel?

Can I take my own bike on the Otago Rail Trail?

Regular or e-Biking, walking or horseback, access to the Otago Central Rail Trail is free.

How much does it cost to do the Otago Rail Trail?

The Trail itself is free. You can plan and travel independently or select a Tour Planner to arrange an experience that’s right for you.

How long is the Karangahake Gorge walk?

What services does the Hauraki Rail Trail offer?

The Hauraki Rail Trail is fully serviced with supported tours, shuttle services, luggage transfers, standard and electric bike hire services, laundromats and showers. You can find details for each Section Trail Head here.

How many rail trails are there in New Zealand?

There are now 40 across the Trail Network. You can find more information here . The laid-back Hauraki Rail Trail is a Great Ride for all ages. With its gentle terrain and abundance of accommodation, cafes and restaurants, it’s one of the easiest and most satisfying trails in the North Island.

Where does the Te Aho trail start?

Starting from Kaiaua in the North, this section of trail follows in the footsteps of an early Māori settler, Te Aho. As it winds around the edge of the shallow Firth of Thames over chenier shell banks, the trail passes through wetlands of International significance.