Is Statista a reliable source?

Is Statista a reliable source?

For 13 years now, Statista has been the market leader in the provision of reliable business data. The number of Statista-cited media articles has increased over the years. Within a few years, Statista has established itself as a reliable partner for the largest media companies of the world.

Who is Statista owned by?

Ströer Media
In 2019, Statista was bought by advertising company Ströer Media….Statista.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Hamburg
Key people Friedrich Schwandt (CEO), Hubert Jakob (COO)
Parent Ströer

Is Statista a reliable source Reddit?

Yes, it is reliable indeed.

Is Statista peer reviewed?

All content on the Statista platform undergoes a tested multi-stage peer-review process prior to publication. All our market sizing and forecasts are based on the most up to date analytical measures and latest available data.

Can I cite Statista?

Once you are on your chosen resource, Statista has a citation generator on the right hand side of the graphic. The button appears as a set of quotation marks. Simply choose your citation style and citation will appear. You can then copy and paste into your references list.

What are the types of business statistics?

The two types of statistics are: Descriptive and inferential.

Why do I have to pay for Statista?

With a paid account, you have convenient access to fee-based Premium statistics. This allows full access to all statistics and furthermore all studies and reports within the Statista study database, if accessed over the university network.

Is Statista legit Reddit?

Is Statista raw data?

You can conveniently download statistics in different formats. All Statista content can thus perfectly accommodate your needs and workflows. XLS: The Excel file contains the raw data of the statistic.