What percent of the population is race?

What percent of the population is race?


White alone, percent  76.3%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  13.4%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)  1.3%
Asian alone, percent(a)  5.9%

What are the main races in the world?

The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid.

What is the race ratio?

Characteristic 2016 2060*
Non-Hispanic White 61.27% 44.29%
Hispanics (may be of any race) 17.79% 27.5%
Black or African American 13.31% 15%
Asian 5.67% 9.1%

What percentage of Canada is Black?

According to the 2011 Census, 945,665 Black Canadians were counted, making up 2.9% of Canada’s population. In the 2016 Census, the black population totalled 1,198,540, encompassing 3.5% of the country’s population.

How much of Africa is Black?

Black Africans made up 79.0% of the total population in 2011 and 81% in 2016. The percentage of all African households that are made up of individuals is 19.9%.

What is the blackest country in the world?

(The native people of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, have some of the darkest skin pigmentation in the world.)

What is the most populated race in the world?

If we’re going by continents, then “Asian” people are the winners by far. Narrowing it down even farther, the most populous race would be the Han Chinese, with 1.31 billion people, or about 19% of the world’s total population. Following close behind are the people of India, with about 1.25 billion people.

What are the 5 races of the world?

The Five Races were the rulers of the world that would become Rokugan , before humanity became the dominant race of the Mortal Realm. Each of them were based in one of the five elements, these races were the Zokujin (Earth), Kenku (Air), Troll (Fire), Ningyo (Water) and Kitsu (Void).

What is the largest race of people on Earth?

The human race, Homo sapiens var. sapiens, is by far the largest humanoid race on Earth. Although rumours about humanoid cryptozoids exist: even if those are proven to be true, which is highly unlikely, their numbers are absolutely dwarfed by the numbers of sapiens.

What percentage of the world is black?

But according to a report by the United Nations, that will change by the end of the century; the numbers will increase substantially, with 40 per cent of humanity being of African descent. Yes. 40 percent.