Is the Tulsa Flea Market open today?

Is the Tulsa Flea Market open today?

Free flea market at Expo Square from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Masks are required.

How many square feet is the Tulsa Expo Center?

354,000 square feet
The Expo Center provides 354,000 square feet (32,900 m2) of column-free space under a cable-suspended roof. The building spans 448,400 total square feet on two levels, connected by side ramps and stairs, allowing for a variety of show floor plans.

When was the Tulsa Expo Center built?

The Expo Square Pavilion, sometimes called simply The Pavilion, and formerly known as the Tulsa Fairgrounds Pavilion, is a 6,311-seat multi-purpose arena, in the Tulsa State Fairgrounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was built in 1932; the architect was Leland I Shumway.

When was River Spirit Expo built?

In 1966, The International Petroleum Exposition (IPE) Center, now known as the River Spirit Expo, was built and made into a major part of the fair. During the 1970s, updates were made and year-round marketing began around the complex.

Is the Tulsa flea market open tomorrow?

We will be closed for the remainder of 2021.

Is the Tulsa Flea Market open on Sunday?

Located inside the ADMIRAL FLEA MARKET admiral&mingo NORTH side of the street. NOT the shopping center. Open 9-5 Saturday & Sunday.

How much does it cost to rent the Tulsa Expo Center?

The rental fee is $2,400 for a reception and includes 12 hours of event time including set up and clean up time.

Who Owns Tulsa Fairgrounds?

The Tulsa County Public Facilities authority
The Tulsa County Public Facilities authority (TCPFA) is a public trust established in accordance with Oklahoma law. It has the sole purpose of managing all activity occurring on certain property (commonly known as the Tulsa County fairgrounds) which is owned by Tulsa County but leased to the TCPFA.

Who won the Tulsa Shootout?

Racing fans take in the action Saturday night at the Tulsa Shootout. Two Oklahomans were among the winners at the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout late Saturday night inside the Expo Square SageNet Center.

How many acres is the Tulsa State Fair?

Two years later the Tulsa Free Fair Association was formed, and in 1926 the fair moved to the TSF’s current 240-acre location between Louisville and Yale avenues and Fifteenth and Twenty-first streets.

Why is there a Tulsa State Fair?

MISSION. The Tulsa State Fair is Oklahoma’s premier family event. It is our mission to preserve our heritage and continue tradition by creating an enriching educational experience, while providing fun family entertainment.

What state is the Tulsa State Fair in?

OklahomaTulsa State Fair / State