How many people are in jail in The Bahamas?

How many people are in jail in The Bahamas?

The United States prisoner rate (number of prisoners per 100,000 people) is 639, the world’s highest….Incarceration Rates by Country 2021.

Country Prisoners Rate 2021 Population
Cuba 510 11,317,505
Maldives 499 543,617
Northern Mariana Islands 482 57,917
Bahamas 442 396,913

What is the name of the prison in Nassau Bahamas?

The Bahamas Department of Corrections HMP – Nassau – Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Where is the prison in the Bahamas?

Bahamas consist of several small Islands. Her Majesty’s Prison is located on the main Island of Nassau.

How many prisons are in Barbados?


Prison population total (including pre-trial detainees / remand prisoners) 850 at 31.12.2018 (via U.N. survey of crime trends etc.)
Number of establishments / institutions 1 (2016 – H.M.Prisons Dodds)
Official capacity of prison system 1 250 (October 2014)

Does The Bahamas have a jail?

For those convicted of crimes and serving a prison sentence, sentences are served at BDCS Fox Hill Prison. Please note that prison conditions in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos are considered poorer than U.S. prison conditions.

Does Bahamas have a military?

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) is the navy of The Bahamas. Since The Bahamas does not have an army or an air force, its navy composes the entirety of its armed forces.

Who is in charge of The Bahamas prison?


Ministry responsible Ministry of National Security
Fax +1 242 324 4941
Email commissioner’[email protected]
Head of prison administration (and title) Charles Murphy Commissioner of Correctional Services

Is Barbados considered a poor country?

Barbados is a middle-income country with a diversified economy that, built on tourism and offshore banking, generates one of the Caribbean’s highest per capita incomes.

How many centenarians are there in Barbados?

Barbados is one of the leading countries in the world with the highest number of centenarians per capita. Based on 2016 figures from the now defunct National Committee on Ageing, 114 people over 100 years old were alive. This works out to about 39.9 centenarians per 100 000 people.

Who has the most prisoners in the world?

United States of America
Countries with the largest number of prisoners as of July 2021

Characteristic Number of detainees
United States of America 2,094,000
China 1,710,000
Brazil 759,518
India 478,600