How do I debug web config?

How do I debug web config?

To manually configure a web. config file for debugging:

  1. In Visual Studio, open the ASP.NET project’s web. config file.
  2. Web. config is an XML file, so contains nested sections marked by tags.
  3. Make sure that the debug attribute in the compilation element is set to true .

How do I debug an application deployed in IIS?

If the app does not start from Visual Studio, start the app in IIS.

  1. Switch to a debug configuration. Choose Edit to edit the profile, and then choose Settings. Choose a Debug configuration, and then choose Remove additional files at destination under the File Publish options.
  2. Click Save and then republish the app.

How do I debug live website?

In this article

  1. Prerequisites.
  2. Open your project and start the Snapshot Debugger.
  3. Set a snappoint.
  4. Take a snapshot.
  5. Inspect snapshot data.
  6. Set a conditional snappoint.
  7. Set a logpoint.
  8. Next steps.

How do I set debug true?

If you’re using the app. run() method instead of the flask run command, pass debug=True to enable debug mode….

  1. Actually, when you run with debug=True you are actually using the Werkzeug debuger so it’s not an either-or 😉
  2. Ha, you’re right.

What is targetFramework in web config?

The reason of targetFramework existence in web. config is to keep compatibility issues out between breaking changes for each version of . NET Framework. The difference between targetFramework on compilation and httpRuntime belongs to each development and deployment environment.

What is browser testing and debugging?

Online debugging is a feature that allows developers or testers to test and debug websites online directly through browsers in real-world conditions. Developers get instant access to DevTools, allowing them to inspect specific components for the desired device-browser combinations.

How do I run Django in debug mode?

4 Answers

  1. Setup your virtual environment. Create or open your project in PyCharm.
  2. Set a breakpoint. Next to the line of code you want to set the breakpoint.
  3. Hit the Run in debug mode button. Next to the Green play button there is a button with a bug on it.

How do I open Msvsmon EXE?

You can start the remote debugger from the command line with the /allow parameter: msvsmon /allow You can add the user to the remote debugger’s permissions (in the remote debugger window, Tools > Permissions).