What is the relationship between the depth of flow and the discharge in a channel?

What is the relationship between the depth of flow and the discharge in a channel?

As the depth increases, the discharge of bed material increases at high constant mean velocities and decreases at low constant mean velocities.

What does critical depth depend on?

The magnitude of critical depth depends only on the discharge and the shape of the channel, and is independent of the slope or channel roughness. Thus, in any given size and shape of channel, there is only one critical depth for a particular discharge.

What is the condition for getting only one depth for a given specific energy?

The specific energy depth relationship is cubic in nature hence, we get’3′ (three) value of depth for a particular given discharge one of them is negative and other two are positive, these two positive depths of flow y, and y, are called alternate depth of flow one of that depth (y) is corresponding to subcritical flow …

When the energy is at minimum for flow discharge it is called?

; Q= constant energy is called critical specific energy. VT gA = • F, = 1 Thus, when the specific energy is minimum for a given discharge flow will be critical flow and depth of flow will be called as critical depth of flow (y) and velocity of flow will be called as critical velocity.

Which type of flow occurs when the flow property such as depth or discharge at any section do not changes with time?

1. The flow characteristics of a channel does not change with time at any point. What type of flow is it? Explanation: The flow characteristics unchanged with time is a steady flow, characteristics unchanged with space is a uniform flow.

What are y1 and y2 in the specific energy curve?

What are y1 and y2 in the adjoining graph? Explanation: For a particular specific energy above the minimum specific energy there are two depths called as alternate depths. The specific energy of a rectangular channel having dimensions 2m×3m is 3.095m.

How do you calculate conjugate depth?

Derivation of conjugate depth equation for a rectangular channel

  1. q = discharge per unit channel width (L2/t)
  2. g = gravitational constant (L/t2)
  3. y = flow depth (L)
  4. subscripts 1 and 2 represent upstream and downstream locations, respectively.

When so SC and yn YC It is called as?

Explanation: When the slopes have a condition of So > 0 and Yn < Yc, it is called as steep slope. It is denoted as ‘S’. Steep slope is classified into three zones.

How is critical depth determined on the energy graph?

Critical flow relationships The critical depth value mentioned in the E–y diagram section above is mathematically represented by the ratio of the fluid velocity to the velocity of a small amplitude gravity wave. This ratio is called the Froude number.

Which of following is correct regarding the term critical depth?

Critical depth (hc) is defined as that depth of flow of water at which specific energy is minimum for given discharge.

What is the condition for a normal depth *?

Normal depth is the depth of flow in a channel or culvert when the slope of the water surface and channel bottom is the same and the water depth remains constant. Normal depth occurs when gravitational force of the water is equal to the friction drag along the culvert and there is no acceleration of flow.