When did Hank Williams release Lovesick Blues?

When did Hank Williams release Lovesick Blues?

April 3, 1922 Jack Mills, Inc., November 1, 1949 Mills Music, Inc.,, Acuff-Rose Publications, Inc. “Lovesick Blues” is a Tin Pan Alley song, composed by Cliff Friend, with lyrics by Irving Mills….Hank Williams.

Chart (1949) Peak position
Billboard Hot Country Singles 1
U.S. Billboard Most Played By Disc Jockeys 24

Who sang the original Lovesick Blues?

Penned by Tin Pan Alley songwriters Cliff Friend and Irving Mills, Hank Williams’ version of “Lovesick Blues” was actually released 27 years after the tune first debuted in the 1922 musical Oh, Ernest, sung by mezzo-soprano singer and actress Anna Chandler and titled “I’ve Got the Love-Sick Blues.” The first commercial …

Who wrote Hank Williams song Lovesick Blues?

Hank Williams
Irving Mills
Lovesick Blues/Lyricists

What country star had a #1 hit with Emmett Miller’s Lovesick Blues years after he originally recorded it?

Seventy-two years ago today (May 7, 1949), Hank Williams earned his first No. 1 hit, with “Lovesick Blues.” The song, written by Cliff Friend and Irving Mills, was first included in the 1922 musical Oh, Ernest. Emmett Miller and country singer Rex Griffin each recorded “Lovesick Blues,” in 1925 and 1939, respectively.

What year did Hank Williams release his first song?

In 1946 Williams landed a songwriting contract with Acuff-Rose Publications and began composing material for singer Molly O’Day. Later that year he received his first recording contract, with Sterling Records; however, it was on the start-up label MGM that he had his first hit, “Move It on Over” in 1947.

What was Hank Williams Jr first song?

Long Gone Lonesome Blues
In 1964, Williams made his recording debut with “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”, one of his father’s many classic songs.

How old is Hank Williams Jr?

72 years (May 26, 1949)Hank Williams Jr. / Age

What was Hank Williams first big hit?

What was Hank Williams Jr first number one song?

He reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart on July, 1, 1972 with a ballad titled “Eleven Roses,” featuring a vocal performance and arrangement so different from his later hits that it is virtually unidentifiable.

How old was Hank Williams Senior when he passed away?

29 years (1923–1953)Hank Williams / Age at death