How old is my name is keoko?

Great for a younger child (like the suggested 10-12). It is very simply written and while it talks about some of the happenings during WWII it doesn’t get too in depth. I would say it depends on the level of maturity and understanding of the child, for some it may seem quite childish and not give enough information.

What genre is when my name is keoko?

Young adult fiction

Why do you think Sun-Hee did not want to forget the unfair manner in which she had been treated?

Ans: Sun-hee did not want to forget the unfair manner in which she had been treated because forgetting would mean accepting the unjust way that she and her fellow citizens were being treated by the Japanese. She did not want to accept this unfair treatment and thus, chose not to forget.

When my name was keoko setting?


Who was Onishi SAN?

Takuya Onishi (大西 卓哉, Ōnishi Takuya, born 1975) is a Japanese astronaut selected for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2009….

Takuya Onishi
Occupation Pilot
Space career
JAXA Astronaut
Time in space 115d 02h 22m

What is the lexile of when my name is keoko?

ISBN-10: Reading Level: Lexile Reading Level 610L.

What reading level is when my name is keoko?


Who wrote when my name is keoko?

Linda Sue Park

Why did Sun Hee convince Tomo to address her by her Japanese name even though she disliked it?

Answer. Sun hee convinced Tomo to address her by her Japanese name because b Tomo, being the principal’s son could not be seen as someone who disobeyed Japanese laws. This was because like all the major pursuits in Korean community this was also reserved for a man of Japanese descent.

When my name was keoko characters?


Why do teachers punish Sun-Hee?

Ans The teacher had to punish Sun-Hee because Onishi-san had ordered her to do so. She felt very unhappy about giving the girl such a harsh punishment for such a small mistake.

What does the name Onishi mean?

Japanese (Onishi): ‘great west’; a habitational name taken from a village in Awa (now Tokushima prefecture) by members of the Ogasawara family, who were of Minamoto descent. The name is also found on Okinawa Island.

When my name was keoko themes?

The theme of the story: In Linda Sue Park’s When My Name Was Keoko, which is about a Korean girl and a boy living in the time of Japanese occupation, going through many conflicts until they are free, the theme is that courage is something that is needed to accomplish something one wants to be done.