Does Spectranet work in Abuja?

Does Spectranet work in Abuja?

Spectranet provides fast, reliable and affordable broadband Internet services to homes and businesses. Service is currently available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt. Other states and cities will be added as our 4G LTE network rollout across Nigeria.

Is Spectranet Unlimited at night?

A: Yes, free unlimited night browsing applies from 1 am – 8 am. More so, Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps for the first 50GB in view of maintaining uniform service levels for all customers.

Does Spectranet work in Oyo State?

4G LTE internet services provider, Spectranet, has improved the quality of its services in the city of Ibadan, Oyo state, to provide residents with reliable internet access that could lift them above current challenges caused by infrastructure deficits.

Which is better Spectranet or smile?

While both Smile and Spectranet Internet Network Providers recorded an encouraging network coverage in all the six places, Smile 4g-LTE had fewer service interruptions. Not only that, it also recorded the stronger network bars than Spectranet on the MIFI device used in the course of the test driving.

Which WIFI is best in Abuja?

The 10 Best Internet Providers in Abuja FCT

  1. 1 – Phase 3 Telecoms – Abuja. 4, Yedseram Street.
  2. 2 – Backbone Connectivity Network – Abuja.
  3. 3 – MainOne – Abuja.
  4. 4 – Layer3 – Abuja.
  5. 5 – Linkserve – Abuja.
  6. 6 – Direct on PC – Abuja.
  7. 7 – Abimco Communications & Internet Services Ltd – Abuja.
  8. 8 – Dotmac Technologies – Abuja.

Can I use Spectranet in Ogun State?

At Spectranet, we understand the needs of our customers very well and we will continue to improve services to offer the best internet solution.” Ogor also stated that the firm had expanded into Ogun State, with the unveiling of its services in the Mowe town.

Does Spectranet use SIM card?

We hope our guide was clear enough and hopefully, we have been able to put you through the process of successfully unlocking your Spectranet MiFi modem and now you can begin to use the device with any sim card of your choice.

Does Spectranet have SIM card?

Which is cheaper smile or Spectranet?

Conclusion. From the responses we got, the majority of people we questioned were of the opinion that Smile was the most expensive and the fastest of the three, while spectranet was the most affordable while Swift was the most reliable.

Is Spectranet unlimited really unlimited?

By the user’s estimate, the ‘unlimited’ data sold by Spectranet is only about 80-100GB and when this got used up, there was need for a subscription renewal meaning that the plan is actually not unlimited.

Which is the best Internet provider in Nigeria?

Top 10 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria

  • Spectranet. Spectranet was awarded a License from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2009 to promote Internet services across Nigeria.
  • Tizeti.
  • IPNX.
  • Cobranet Limited.
  • VDT Communications.
  • Vodacom.
  • Hyperia.
  • MainOne.