How much are DBS miles worth?

How much are DBS miles worth?

$1 = 1.2 miles on local spending and $1 = 2 miles on overseas spending is the ‘market rate’ for miles cards, so that’s nothing to shout about. The true selling point of the DBS Altitude Card is the bonus $1 = 3 miles earn rate for online hotel and flight bookings, as well as online shopping.

How do you convert DBS to miles?

How do I convert DBS Points to air miles and is there a charge? For transfers to KrisFlyer, Asia Miles or Qantas Points, conversion rate of 1 DBS point to 2 miles applies and transfers are accepted in blocks of 5,000 DBS Points (or 10,000 miles).

How do I convert my DBS points to KrisFlyer miles?

KrisFlyer log-in

  1. Go to the wallet, and tap on the Transfer button screen.
  2. Select DBS Rewards and log in to your DBS account with your digibank username and PIN.
  3. Key in the amount of DBS Points you wish to convert to KrisPay miles and you are all set!

How do you convert altitude points to miles?

Regular earn rates The DBS Altitude cards earn: 1.2 miles for every $1 spent locally (i.e. transacted in SGD), and. 2 miles for every $1 spent overseas (i.e. transacted in foreign currency).

How are DBS points calculated?

How do I earn points? You earn 1 DBS Point for every S$5 retail purchase charged to your DBS Credit Card. Points are calculated on each transaction and rounded down to the nearest whole number.

How do I transfer my HSBC points to KrisFlyer?

Simply sign up for a one-time enrolment in HSBC’s Mileage Programme to start converting your Rewards Points into KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles™. To enrol, please complete this enrolment formenrolment form visit Sign up for the HSBC Mileage Programme This link will open in a new window.

How do I check my DBS Altitude miles?

digibank Online Under My Accounts, select on Credit Cards. Click on the Card Number you wish to check your available DBS points. You will be able to see under DBS points beside Available Limit right at the top of the page. The points showing are as of the latest posted transaction(s).

What can I do with DBS miles?

You can convert your DBS Points to KrisFlyer miles, Asia Miles, Qantas Points or Air Asia BIG Points via DBS Rewards Website.

How do you accumulate points?

Here are six straightforward tips for earning more miles, points or cash back:

  1. Hit the minimum spending requirement to earn a sign-up bonus.
  2. Take advantage of additional bonus offers.
  3. Use online shopping portals.
  4. Take advantage of temporary bonuses.
  5. Use your credit card for everything that doesn’t charge a fee.

How do I convert HSBC points to miles?

How do I convert my HSBC points to Mabuhay miles?

For more information, you may contact HSBC at (02) 85-800….HSBC.

Bonus Point to Mile conversion:
Premier Mastercard 6 Bonus Points
Platinum Visa 6 Bonus Points
Advance Visa 10 Bonus Points
Red Mastercard 10 Bonus Points