Who is the great president of the Philippines?

Who is the great president of the Philippines?

Ferdinand Marcos

His Excellency Ferdinand Marcos CCLH, KGCR
Vice President Fernando Lopez (1965–1972)
Preceded by Diosdado Macapagal
Succeeded by Corazon Aquino
3rd Prime Minister of the Philippines

Who is the best president in our country?

General findings. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and George Washington are most often listed as the three highest-rated presidents among historians.

What kind of leader was Ferdinand Marcos?

He is a polarizing historical figure in both Philippines and the world. Marcos established an authoritarian regime that came under criticism for corruption and for its suppression of democratic processes and dictatorial nature. On the other hand, he achieved accomplishments most notably in infrastructure.

Who is the best hero in the Philippines?

José Rizal
José Rizal (1861-1896) is one of the most revered figures in Philippine history. He was a multifaceted intellectual and a political activist, best known for his political writings that inspired the Philippine revolution and ultimately led to his execution by the Spanish colonizers.

Did Marcos help the economy?

The Marcos regime took away tariff barriers and protections which worsened import dependency. Overall average nominal tariffs fell from 44.3% in 1975 to 27.6% in 1985. Agriculture tariffs were pulled drastically down from 67.2% in 1975 to 35.9% in 1985, and manufacturing from 41.4% to 27.1% in the same period.

Is Marcos still the best president of the country?

All the surveys made since 2011 revealed that Marcos is still the best president of the country, the senator said in a press conference held at City Hall here last Saturday.

Who is the best president the Philippines ever had to date?

Come back to life, Ferdinand Marcos. I Believe that Ferdinand Marcos is the best President the Philippines ever had to date. Talking about accomplishments! Ferdinand Marcos. During his time 1 Peso is equal to 1 USD. Uhmaaaziing. :3

Is Marcos not a hero?

— Joseph Goebbels Just like what Joseph Goebbels said, people nowadays believes easily from lies in social media.Marcos is not a hero, yes he created a lots of infrastructure projects, but look what happened?

Did Ferdinand Marcos help or hurt the economy?

Despite the fact that Marcos did somehow help the economy on his first term, We still have to remember, He took a lot of money from us, Accounting for billions of pesos. Cronyism, Graft, And Corruption were very rampant in his time. I appreciate he helped us, But sadly, He did too much bad things.