Who is Fred Bullard?

Who is Fred Bullard?

He is the former owner of a USFL Football Team in Jacksonville, a hotel and condo developer (his latest, the Karol Hotel, is name after his wife), and Bascom’s Chop House. Bullard comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His father and grandfather were in the turpentine timber business in North Florida.

Who owns Bascom’s Chop House?

Fred Bullard and his family are the owners and operators of Bascom’s Chop House, headquartered in Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida.

How old is Karol Bullard?

Today, they have 17 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren on the way. Karol Bullard, 75, started her on-air career at a radio station in Zephyrhills, where she began after spending a year at Ohio State University.

Who owns the Karol hotel?

“Our vision for The Karol Hotel has become a reality, with a spectacular finished product that beautifully captures the spirit of hotel owners Fred and Karol Bullard,” the hotel’s manager, Adam Duffey, said in a statement. The 123-room hotel, restaurant and rooftop bar is located in Feather Sound.

Who is Karol Kelly?

Karol Kelly, 35, was stabbed to death after an assault at a house party in Rosemount in the city last year. The barrister said that on the night Mr Kelly died Sean Anderson and Gary Anderson had gone into the kitchen at their house on Grafton Street after an altercation with the victim and another man.

Does Bascom’s have a dress code?

Business Casual for clothing. Not a beach type clothing atmosphere. But would strongly suggest dress shorts and NO tank tops or t-shirts for Bascom’s.

When did the Karol hotel open?

TAMPA, Fla. (March 4, 2020) – The Karol Hotel has announced an opening date of Friday, March 6 for its Vantage Rooftop Bar, a stylish new rooftop bar that crowns the newly opened Tribute Portfolio property, Pinellas County’s first.

What is the dress code for Bascom’s Chop House?

business casual
Reservations are recommended, and business casual is the recommended attire.