Who can be on the JHSC?

Who can be on the JHSC?

(a) There should be no fewer than four regular members, employed at the operation and experienced in the types of work carried on at the operation. (b) Membership should be chosen by and represent the workers and the employer. At least half the members must be worker representatives.

How many employees are required for a JHSC?

Requirements. An employer must: establish an HSC if the employer has 20 or more regularly employed workers.

Under what circumstances is a JHSC required in the workplace?

A JHSC (instead of an HSR) is required when 20 or more workers are regularly employed at a construction project and the work is expected to last more than three months. For less than 50 workers, the JHSC must have at least two members, one from labour and one from management.

How often does a JHSC have to meet?

once every three months
Meet Frequently Committee members are required to meet at the workplace at least once every three months. However, many organizations find it useful to meet more frequently. You may want to meet more frequently if: The industry you work in involves high-risk hazards.

What does a JHSC do?

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (or JHSC) is an advisory committee of employees and employers who work together toward a common goal: to establish and maintain healthy and safe workplaces.

Does JHSC certification expire in Ontario?

In general, your joint health and safety committee certification is valid for 3 years after the successful completion of an approved JHSC Part two training program. To be eligible for refresher training, workers must have successfully completed both parts of an approved JHSC certification program.

What are the legal requirements when an employer must appoint a H&S representative?

According to Section 17 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), employers who employ 20 or more workers on premises must appoint representatives to monitor health and safety conditions.

Is it a legal requirement to have a health and safety committee?

Although there is no such requirement if you consult health and safety representatives elected by the workforce, it is good practice to set up a health and safety committee where: you have to consult both union-appointed health and safety representatives and employee-elected representatives.

Where can I find information about JHSC requirements?

Key information about JHSC requirements can be found in the Ministry of Labour’s “Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives in the Workplace.” The Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives in the Workplace is available online.

What is JHSC certification training program standard?

Certification of certain Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members is required under section 9 of Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The JHSC Certification Training Program Standard specifies the criteria that a program must meet in order to be approved by the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO).

Do I need a JHSC or health and safety representative?

You are not required to have a JHSC or a health and safety representative unless a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace. You are required to have one health and safety representative who is selected by the workers they represent. If a designated substance regulation applies to your workplace, you are required to have a JHSC.

What are the minimum attendance requirements for JHSC meetings?

However, the OHSA does not specify requirements related to quorums (minimum attendees) for JHSC meetings. The committee can determine its own rules for a quorum, as long as they are consistent with requirements in the OHSA (ie. members representing both workers and the employer must be present). Ideally, both co-chairs are present at every meeting.