Where is Travis Greene right now?

Where is Travis Greene right now?

Greene and his wife lead Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

Is Travis Green Nigerian?

Another common question about the pastor is: “is Travis Greene Nigerian?” Well, the award-winning singer is American, born in Dover, Delaware, United States. But he has made plenty of performances in the West African region.

Is Travis Greene a Ghanaian?

Jacqueline Abenaa Adansi Gyamfi Greene has a Ghanaian father, Yaw Gyamfi and a Ghanaian brother Norman Gyamfi.

How did Travis Greene meet his wife?

Jacqueline Greene, a professional Dentist and Co-Pastor of Forward City Church. The couple who are blessed with three sons; Travis Joshua, David Jace, and Judah met when Jacqueline was nineteen while Travis was twenty-two at a college ministry event in 2007.

Is Dr Jackie Greene a Ghanaian?

A melting pot of traditional southern values and Ghanaian heritage, Jackie’s upbringing and young adulthood emboldened in her: authenticity, individuality and the power in being the “you” that God created you to be. She is an inspirational speaker and faith leader focused on helping women move forward in their lives.

Is Dante Bowe still married?

Dante started singing by releasing his first song’Porter and Friends’ in 2017. The song became a preview of his first album “Father Son,” which he released a few months later….Dante Bowe Wiki.

Name Dante Bowe
Nationality American
Profession Musical artist
Married/Single Married
Instagram dantebowe

What kind of doctor is Travis Greene wife?

Dr. Jacqueline Gyamfi Greene is a wife, mother, dentist, Co-Pastor of Forward City Church and – a Forward Woman.

Who is Travis Greene’s wife?

Jacqueline Gyamfi GreeneTravis Greene / Wife