When did Zambrotta retire?

When did Zambrotta retire?

2014Gianluca Zambrotta / Career end

A highly competitive player, his game was based on his extraordinary physique, and he played regularly in his two seasons in a blaugrana shirt. Later played for Milan and in 2014 retired at Chiasso in the Swiss league. Full biography: Gianluca Zambrotta arrived in Barcelona with the World Cup under his arm.

How old is Zambrotta?

44 years (February 19, 1977)Gianluca Zambrotta / Age

Did Zambrotta play for Juventus?

Zambrotta first began playing football for Como and played just one game in his debut Serie B season after which Como was relegated to Serie C1. . There he played 59 games in 2 seasons. He transferred to Juventus Turin in 1999, which paid 8 million euros for him.

What teams did Zambrotta?

Jiangsu Football ClubAssistant Coach, 2017–2018
Odisha FCAssociation football manager, 2016–2017
Gianluca Zambrotta/Teams coached

When did Essien retire?

His blockbuster arrival didn’t have much of impact mind, as the club finished 13th in the Indonesian top-flight – having finished fifth the previous season. Essien left the club after just one year and 29 appearances, heading off to Azerbaijani side Sabail before officially hanging up his boots in 2020.

Did Zambrotta play Barcelona?

In two seasons at Barca, he had 80 caps in all the competitions and scored three goals. After two not really good years, Zambrotta came back to Italy to join AC Milan. At his last club, he played in four seasons, with 102 caps in all the competitions as a right or left back, and scored two goals.

What number was Zambrotta?

Gianluca Zambrotta

Personal information
Position(s) Defender
Club information
Current team Milan
Number 15

Is Michael Essien married?

Akosua Puni EssienMichael Essien / Spouse

What number is Donnarumma?

50Paris Saint-Germain F.C. / Goalkeeper
21Italy national football team / Goalkeeper
Gianluigi Donnarumma/Number

What kit number was Zambrotta?

Gianluca Zambrotta

Season club
09/10 AC Milan 15
08/09 AC Milan 15
07/08 FC Barcelona 11
06/07 FC Barcelona 11

What kit number is Llorente?

Marcos Llorente

Season club
19/20 Atlético de Madrid 14
18/19 Real Madrid 18
17/18 Real Madrid 18
16/17 Deportivo Alavés 6

How old is Gianluca Zambrotta?

Gianluca Zambrotta Ufficiale OMRI (Italian pronunciation: [dʒanˈluːka ddzamˈbrɔtta]; born 19 February 1977) is an Italian former professional footballer, who played as a full back or as a winger. Throughout his career, Zambrotta played for several different Italian clubs.

What happened to Giuseppe Zambrotta?

After Zambrotta suffered an injury in the game against South Korea during the 2002 World Cup, he missed the beginning of the 2002–03 Serie A campaign. During his absence, the new signing of Mauro Camoranesi took his place on the right wing and was in superb form.

What team is Zambrotta on?

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