What were CD rates in 2015?

What were CD rates in 2015?

Historical CD rates

3-month CD 1-year CD
January 2015 0.08% 0.20%
July 2015 0.08% 0.20%
January 2016 0.08% 0.21%
July 2016 0.08% 0.22%

What are the current CD rates for Synchrony bank?

Synchrony CD rates

Account name Term APY
CD 15 months 0.50%
CD 18 months 0.50%
CD 24 months 0.60%
CD 36 months 0.65%

What is the average rate for a 1-year CD?

0.13% APY
The average rate for a one-year CD is 0.13% APY, and the average rate for a five-year CD is 0.28% APY….Current CD Rates: Compare high-yield to national average rates.

Online bank 0.35% APY
All banks 0.09% APY
Online bank 0.55% APY

What were CD rates in 1984?

Believe it or not, in 1984, five-year CDs were paying more than 12% interest. However, as good as that sounds, it’s important to keep in mind that those high CD rates came with high inflation and interest rates.

What is synchrony Bank 12 month CD rate?

0.55% APY
Choose a great rate. Make it count.

$0.01 + $24,999.01 +
6-months 0.25% APY* 0.25% APY*
9-months 0.35% APY* 0.35% APY*
12-months 0.55% APY* 0.55% APY*
13-months 0.55% APY* 0.55% APY*

What is the highest CD rate in history?

The highest CD rates in modern history are decades behind us — around the start of the 1980s. A three-month CD in December 1980 earned 18.65%, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.