What key are most LoFi songs in?

What key are most LoFi songs in?

Lofi music can be in any key, major or minor, though you might want to consider using non-diatonic chords to keep your progressions and melodies a bit more interesting. Major keys can feel more hopeful and nostalgic while minor keys can feel sad and dark.

What BPM is LoFi hip hop?

Pick a slow tempo, around 60-90 BPM, and create a backbeat pattern. When it comes to lo-fi hip hop, it’s important to have a loose groove.

Do rappers use FL Studio?

FL Studio has been used by numerous highly visible hip hop and EDM producers, including Porter Robinson, Alan Walker, Madeon, Soulja Boy, Southside, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Imanbek and Deadmau5.

Is making LOFI easy?

Making lo-fi music is surprisingly simple—even if it relies on some slightly more complicated jazz theory. That’s because it’s sample-based. Pretty much anyone can get started making lo-fi beats with a handful of samples and a free DAW like GarageBand.

Is LOFI major or minor?

It’s built with a minor triad but includes a major 7 on top. This chord is one that you might associate with mysterious moments in old thriller movies. That’s why I think this chord reigns in the nostalgia factor. It’s a perfect way to get back home in this minor sounding progression.

How do I make a hip-hop or R&B-style beat in FL Studio?

While FL Studio’s interface appears complicated at first glance, you can use the built-in channel rack and piano keyboard to create a simple hip-hop- or R&B-style beat. Open FL Studio. Double-click the FL Studio app icon, which resembles a yellow pepper. Doing so will open the FL Studio window. Click FILE. It’s in the top-left corner of the window.

How do I make a rap or R&B beat?

Click to the right of the piano key which represents the note that you want to use, then drag the far-right side of the colored bar that appears left to shorten it or right to lengthen it. Each dark vertical bar in the piano view represents half of one second. For a typical rap or R&B beat, you’ll want every other bar full. Add a melody if needed.

How do you add notes to a rap beat?

For a typical rap or R&B beat, you’ll want every other bar full. Add a melody if needed. If you want to use varying notes in your beat, scroll up or down to select another note, then add the beat markers like you did above. Remove a beat if needed.

How do I move the beat markers?

You can also move beat markers up, down, left, or right by clicking and dragging them from the middle. Repeat this part with other drums in your channel rack.