What is the latest version of SAP data Services?

What is the latest version of SAP data Services?

(Latest version of SAP BODS is 4.2).

How do I install SAP data Services 4.2 Part 2?

  1. Change to IS installation software and check the Product version via cat ProductId.
  2. Start Installation by running the command ./setup.sh InstallDir=”/usr/sap/SID” where this has to be deployed on the same directory as IPS and DS.
  3. Accept pre-installation information.
  4. select language.
  5. Set Installation Directory.

How do I upgrade my data service designer?

Now Login in SAP BODS Designer 4.2 SP12 and configure Jobs (Real Time/Batch Jobs) Configuration of Datastore (SAPR3,SAP BW, RDBMS), Substitution Parameters, Job Server, Access Server, Format Data Type (Flat Files, CSV) Now validate the Jobs at Top Level and if error comes fix those errors.

Is SAP data services and bods same?

SAP BO Data Services (BODS) is an ETL tool used for data integration, data quality, data profiling and data processing. BO Data Services consists of a UI development interface, metadata repository, data connectivity to source and target system and management console for scheduling of jobs.

What is SAP data quality?

microservices embeds data cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application with a self-service, right-sized consumption model.

What does SAP bods stand for?

Business Object Data Services
Business Object Data Services (BODS) is a GUI tool which allows you to create and monitor jobs which take data from various types of sources and perform some complex transformation on the data as per the business requirement and then will load the data to a target which again can be of any type (i.e. SAP application.

How do I access SAP Data Services Designer?

Right-click “Data Services Application” and select “User Security”. Select the user from the “User List” in the “Available users/groups” panel and select the “>” button to move it to the “Selected users/groups” panel. Select the Advanced tab and then the “Add/Remove Rights” link. Grant access to Designer and select OK.

How do you install a data service?

Copy the Data Services software from the path to the existing server and then start the installation. Start the installation by running the setup.exe. After the “Welcome” screen is displayed, click Next to begin your installation. Agree to the license terms by selecting I accept the license Agreement.

How do I find SAP data Services version?

Browse to “Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64\cms.exe” and right click the cms.exe file. Chose the details tab and look for the version number.

How do I upgrade my data service?

How to Upgrade Data Service Software Packages

  1. Become superuser on a node of the cluster.
  2. Upgrade applications and apply application patches as needed.
  3. Add data services.
  4. Install any Sun Cluster data service patches.
  5. Repeat Step 1 through Step 4 on the other node of the cluster.