What is pseudo first order adsorption kinetics?

What is pseudo first order adsorption kinetics?

The Lagergren pseudo–first-order model [47] is based on the assumption that the rate of change of solute uptake with time is directly proportional to difference in saturation concentration and the amount of solid uptake with time, which is generally applicable over the initial stage of an adsorption process.

What is pseudo first and second order kinetics?

In addition to what has been said, all it means is that, for Pseudo first order, only one reactant is a determining step in the rate of a reaction. In second order, both reactants participate in a reaction.

What is adsorption kinetic model?

Adsorption kinetics is a curve (or line) that describes the rate of retention or release of a solute from an aqueous environment to solid-phase interface at a given adsorbents dose, temperature, flow rate and pH. During adsorption two main processes are involved; physical (physisorption) or chemical (chemisorption).

What is pseudo order reaction explain with example?

Thus, the reaction appears to be first order, but it is actually of second order that’s why known as pseudo first order reaction. So, concentration of water can be approximated as constant as its concentration doesn’t change a lot during the reaction. thus, hydrolysis of cane sugar is pseudo first order reaction.

What is the difference between pseudo first order and first order?

Difference Between Pseudo First Order Reaction and First Order Reaction. The main difference is obviously that, in a first order reaction, the order of reaction is one by nature. A pseudo first-order reaction is second order reaction by nature but has been altered to make it a first order reaction.

What is pseudo order reaction give an example?

The reactions which are not truly of first order but become reactions of first order under certain conditions are called pseudo first order reactions. For example, hydrolysis of ester.

What is pseudo first order?

A reaction which is not first-order reaction naturally but made first order by increasing or decreasing the concentration of one or the other reactant is known as Pseudo first order reaction. Pseudo means ‘fake’.

What is elovich equation?

One of the most useful models for describing such activated chemical adsorption is the Elovich equation [2], which is given by(1) d q t d t = a exp ( − b q t ) where a and b are constants during any an experiment. The constant a is regarded as the initial rate because (dqt/dt) approaches a when qt approaches 0.

What does Langmuir isotherm indicate?

Definition of ‘Langmuir isotherm’ The Langmuir isotherm describes the equilibrium between two phases, the gas phase and the adsorbate phase. A Langmuir isotherm is a classical relationship between the concentrations of a solid and a fluid, used to describe a state of no change in the sorption process.