What is a sporting excellence professional?

What is a sporting excellence professional?

Sporting Excellence Professionals are competent players who perform consistently and effectively in training environments and competitions in relation to one of the following professional sports: cricket, football, rugby league and rugby union.

What is a Diploma in sporting excellence?

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) is an Education and Development programme which runs alongside the athlete’s studies (be it A levels or BTec) and their club’s training programme. Athletes are enrolled at the beginning of each academic year and the programme lasts for a minimum 18 months.

Can you do an apprenticeship in sports?

A sport and fitness apprenticeship is a great way to get the qualifications and practical experience that can boost a career in this field. A sport and fitness apprenticeship allows an employer the opportunity to mould on-the-job training in the way that the company desires.

What is a DiSE qualification?

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence is a qualification specifically designed for learners with an opportunity to be assessed on their ability to work towards and fulfil the role and requirements of an elite sports performer.

What sport apprenticeships are there?

Whatever role you choose, excellent customer service skills and a love for sport and exercise will be essential.

  • Community activator coach.
  • Community sport and health officer.
  • Leisure duty manager.
  • Leisure team member.
  • Outdoor activity instructor.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Sporting excellence professional.
  • Sports coach.

What does performance mean in sport?

Sport performance is the manner in which sport participation is measured. On one level, the determination of sport performance in most sport disciplines is a simple matter. In those activities where the result is measurable and defined, such as a race, a jump, or an object to be thrown, the end result is quantifiable.

What is the excellence level in sport?

The excellence stage provides the peak of the pyramid and demonstrates the level where individuals reach sporting excellence. Obviously the pyramid narrows here as the number of performers will reduce at this stage.

How many UCAS points is a Diploma in sporting excellence?

The Diploma attracts 64 UCAS Tariff points upon completion. The programme covers a range of topics including technical skills, tactical skills, physical capability, nutrition and psychology.

What apprenticeships are there in sports?

What is an apprenticeship and are these available in the sports sector?

An apprenticeship is a combination of a job and an approved training programme which gives an individual the skills and experience required for a specific job role.

What are 64 UCAS points?

UCAS points BTEC

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma UCAS points
D*D 104
DD 96
DM 80
MM 64

Can you become a PE teacher through an apprenticeship?

You can get into this career through a postgraduate teaching apprenticeship, if you have a degree.