Is TWIA required?

Is TWIA required?

TWIA is required by law to transfer its net gain from operations each year into the Catastrophe Reserve Trust Fund (CRTF), an account maintained by the Texas Comptroller dedicated to the payment of future TWIA catastrophe losses.

How do I get a TWIA policy?

How do I get a TWIA policy? First, contact your insurance agent or if you don’t have an agent, locate a Texas-licensed property and casualty agent. Your insurance agent will help you determine whether you are eligible for TWIA coverage.

What does TWIA mean in insurance?

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
To obtain or continue windstorm and hail coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), property must meet certain requirements established by the Texas Legislature. These requirements are outlined in Texas Insurance Code Chapter 2210.

How do I file a TWIA claim?

For fastest service, file your claim online at You will need to register if using the Claims Center for the first time. Call TWIA’s 24-hour claims care center at (800) 788-8247. Have your TWIA policy number, best contact information, and property damage details ready.

How do I contact TWIA?

Call (800) 788-8247.

Does TWIA cover wind-driven rain?

Wind-Driven Rain TWIA 320 By endorsement, coverage is extended to loss to the dwelling and personal property caused by wind-driven rain. Manufactured Homes TWIA 411 By endorsement, the policy may apply to manufactured homes.

What is not covered under TWIA policy?

TWIA covers wind and hail only: TWIA policies are not comprehensive property insurance policies. For damage to be covered by a TWIA policy, it must be the direct result of wind or hail. Damage from burst pipes due to freezing temperatures and downed limbs due to ice are not covered by our windstorm policy.

How do I cancel my TWIA policy?

Locate the TWIA Policy you wish to cancel in Policy Center. Click on the “Actions” tab and then select “Request Cancellation.”

What does TWIA mean?


Acronym Definition
TWIA Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (Austin, TX)
TWIA Thai Weaving Industry Association (Bangkok, Thailand)
TWIA This Week in America (Ric Bratton podcast)
TWIA The Welding Technology Institute of Australia

How do I cancel my Twia account?

How do I contact Twia?

How do I cancel my TWIA account?