Is Noize a good coat brand?

Is Noize a good coat brand?

It fits perfectly and keeps me very warm in freezing temperatures. It would deserve a 5 star rating were it not for the zipper. It doesn’t lock in place at the bottom so it’ll unzip a bit at the bottom end. The quality of the jacket is excellent though!

Is Noize good quality?

Quality and Warmth? Noize Jackets are made from highest quality Vegan faur, leather materials and Yes, they are warm! Most jackets have a comfort zone to -30C which are comparable to the temperatures other more expensive, non-vegan jackets offer.

Are Noize jackets made in Canada?

As a PETA approved brand, NOIZE offers a wide selection of cruelty-free and made-to-last jackets that have been thoughtfully designed in Montreal, Canada, to keep you warm all winter long.

Where are Noize coats made?

Montreal, Canada
This vegan certified brand, hailing from Montreal, Canada, offers thoughtfully crafted vegan and winter coats that will keep you warm in temperatures as low as – 30 degrees. Noize creates unique fashion-forward collections that are both edgy and ethical, featuring unique details of faux fur trims and faux leather.

Are Noize jackets worth it?

Is Noize A Good Coat Brand? Yes, Noize is a good coat brand because of providing super warmth at an affordable price.

What brand is Noize?

Montreal-based Noize, a brand that offers what it describes as cruelty-free and sustainable apparel and outerwear for women and men, is expanding its retail footprint with several new locations, including entering the Ontario market. The company also has bigger plans to roll out the brand in more locations.

Are Noize jackets waterproof?

Inspired by classic rainwear, the Noize Kate Rain Jacket puts an urban spin on a classic. Made with a thick, functional and waterproof material that will keep you dry at all times the Kate is perfect for the wet rainy season.

Where is the brand Noize from?

One brand from Canada is working to be more conscious, but still fashionable. Meet Noize. The brand is vegan, uses recycled materials, and is pretty damn cool.

Does Noize have free returns?

Regular priced items and sale items are eligible for a return if they are unworn, unwashed and with tags attached within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please note that the return must come back to our warehouse in the original packaging (box and bag) or will be subject to an additional $5 fee.

Are Noize coats waterproof?

This coat is waterproof and super warm.

Who makes Noize clothing?

Nina Mourin: In 2016, George Batchoun, long-time garment veteran and CEO of Noize, had already been thinking about the business concept, but it wasn’t an actionable venture until his 9-year-old daughter asked him about fur trimmings on a coat and followed with, “Why would anyone kill to look cool?” He decided to take …

Is Noize fast fashion?

Noize Jeans’ sustainable production design enables them to offer fast fashion to international buyers at globally competitive prices.