Is NAB sustainable?

Is NAB sustainable?

We’re determined to do our part, which is why we’ve embedded sustainability in our long-term strategy in three different ways: Secondly, we are walking the walk ourselves with resilient and sustainable business practices at NAB, ensuring that we are defining and then managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

How is NAB socially responsible?

Community. We’re making a difference through community grants, volunteering, workplace giving and supporting Indigenous success to help create stronger communities.

What are NAB values?

The ELT, along with NAB’s Board, is responsible for setting the tone from the top for all of our people and this includes living NAB’s five core values: passion for customers; win together; be bold; respect for people; and do the right thing.

Does NAB support coal?

NAB has already cut its exposure to coal mining finance from nine to five per cent since 2016, but the majority (83 per cent) of what it does support comprises thermal coal. “NAB supports the transition to a low carbon economy and the delivery of secure, reliable and affordable energy,” Mr Baird said.

Does NAB invest in fossil fuels?

National Australia Bank’s financing of fossil fuels places it ninth on a list of the biggest global lenders by the number of projects over the past five years, according to Dutch campaigner BankTrack.

Does NAB support fossil fuels?

NAB’s updated oil and gas policy, released today, is a greenwashing exercise that allows it to continue funding expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Is NAB a good place work?

Working at NAB teaches you a lot about working professionally to high standards. NAB has a great culture of delivery compared to other organisations I’ve been exposed to and they are professional, fair and competitive when it comes to delivering products and services with the industry.

What is the strategic focus of NAB?

Our strategic focus aligns with major global trends, with a particular focus on sustainability, infrastructure (including renewables) and private capital. We’re continuing to grow small business and personal banking while building capability as a digital-first bank.

Which Australian banks do not invest in fossil fuels?

“Australian Mutual Bank does not have any direct investments in the fossil fuel industry….JOIN THE CAMPAIGN!

Name National Australia Bank
Amount loaned since 2016 $9,547m
Position Loaned to fossil fuels globally since 2016
Take Action Put them on notice Tell them to stop

Which Australian banks support fossil fuels?

Market Forces has found ANZ has funded 19 new fossil fuel projects since 2016, ahead of NAB on 15, CBA on 14 and Westpac’s six.

Is NAB carbon neutral?

NAB is proud to have been the first Australian carbon neutral certified bank, helping to drive a clean energy future.

Which Australian bank is the best to work for?

1. Westpac Group. Australia’s oldest company and first bank Westpac Group jumped up four places this year to be ranked the country’s top employer 2019.

What is the NAB sustainability data pack?

4 43 46 47 This Sustainability Report and accompanying Sustainability Data Pack (the ‘Data Pack’) cover the NAB Group’s performance from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019 unless otherwise stated. They are part of our 2019 Annual Reporting Suite, which also includes the Annual Review and Annual Financial Report.

How does NAB work to deliver sustainable outcomes?

Our Board, our leaders and colleagues work to deliver industry leading, sustainable outcomes for our customers, shareholders and the broader community. NAB’s strategic ambition and how we work is supported by good corporate governance. Our 2020 Sustainability Reportoutlines our sustainability performance over the past year.

What’s in the NAB annual reporting suite?

Start your day with the NAB Morning Call Podcast, for the latest overnight key economic and market information straight from our team of experts. Our Annual Reporting suite provides an overview of our corporate responsibility strategy and performance. A detailed look into our performance over the past financial year.

What’s in NANAB’s 2019 sustainability report?

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