Is Ma Long Good?

Is Ma Long Good?

Why is Ma Long so good? Ma Long’s forehand is exceptional. He tries to dominate matches staying close to the table, but is equally comfortable attacking away from the table too. His topspins are fast and powerful and he can place the ball anywhere on the table with phenomenal consistency.

Why is Ma Long called the Dragon?

His records led the International Table Tennis Federation to nickname him as “The Dictator” and “The Dragon” (derived from his name, Lóng, which represents the zodiac year of his birth).

What happened to Zhang Jike?

During the WTTC in Germany, he is sent back to China due to the Casino Gambling Debt. Only lead coach, coach Qin Zhijian is now the lead-coach of Men Team. He was the personal coach of Ma Long. Coach Xiao Zhan, the personal coach of Zhang Jike, is moved to women team (not good at all).

Why did Zhang Jike retire?

There are 2 main reasons for this loss: Lack of determination and motivation to fight (due to crisis in China Team) Zhang Jike’s playing style is out-dated.

How old is Zhang Jike?

33 years (February 16, 1988)Zhang Jike / Age

Why is Zhang Jike so popular?

Of course, this is mainly due to his incredible achievements (look below). But he has one of the biggest tennis fans in China because of his personal expression, his role model, and his business. In table tennis, Zhang Jike is considered the most successful player. He has everything that an athlete career dreams for.

How much does Ma Long earn?

Indeed, Ma Long is counted on the top line and earns one of the highest professional table tennis. However, his net worth hasn’t been surely estimated. Still, Long earns around $20 million in the calculated value.

Do table tennis players get paid?

Professional ping-pong players are not as well-paid as other professional athletes such as football and basketball players. They largely earn their salaries via prize money from tournaments, which are lower than the “purses,” or prize money, of fringe sports such as golf and boxing.