Is a 2010 Honda Fit safe?

Is a 2010 Honda Fit safe?

In government crash testing, the Fit received a perfect five stars for frontal impacts, while in side-impact testing it received five stars for front-passenger protection and four for rear passenger protection.

What size engine is in a 2010 Honda Fit?

1.5 L 4-cylinder2010 Honda Fit / Engine

How long does a Honda Fit transmission last?

But on average, we’ve seen the Honda Fit transmission last for between 130,000-180,000 miles.

Are Honda fits easy to fix?

Older Honda Fits may have more repair problems According to Car Complaints, Honda Fit models from 2017 and later have little-to-no reported issues. However, models from 2015 and 2016 share one big problem: uncomfortable seats. While most of the Honda Fit’s issues don’t cost much to fix, there is one expensive outlier.

How much does it cost to replace a Honda Fit transmission?

Honda Fit Transmission Cost The cost of a new Honda Fit transmission could be over $3,500 depending on the vehicle, however, transmission services such as fluid changes and a transmission fluid flush are considerably fewer expensive, in some cases costing fewer than $150.

Are Honda Fits good?

Yes, the Honda Fit is a good car. It ranks among the best models in the subcompact car class, thanks to its predictable handling, practical cabin, and abundance of available features. When equipped with an automatic transmission, the Fit also returns some of the highest fuel economy ratings in its class.

What years were Honda Fit made?

The Honda Fit (Japanese: ホンダ・フィット, Honda Fitto), also marketed as the Honda Jazz (Japanese: ホンダ・ジャズ, Honda Jazu), is a five-door, front-engine, front-wheel drive B-segment subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Honda since 2001 and now in its third generation.

What does Honda Fit?

The Honda Fit is a sporty subcompact that’s fun to drive, practical and economical. The Fit has an amazingly configurable interior, with a second row of seats that can be folded, flattened, and flipped into position depending on your needs. The Fit is fuel efficient, earning an EPA-estimated 27/33 mpg City/Highway.