How much does it cost to process a deer in Colorado?

How much does it cost to process a deer in Colorado?

Skinning Charge

Antelope $50 (if available)
Deer $75 (if available)
Elk/Moose $100 (if available)

How much does it cost to have an elk processed in Colorado?

$300-400 for an elk. Lower end if just cuts, higher if you get fancy sausages and snack sticks. For hanging, high volume locations will be less of course. A random butcher might charge $50 or more or flat out refuse because of the inconvenience and novelty.

How Much Does wild game processing cost?

(Wild Game Processing the Wiebe Way) Average cost of processing wild game is $300/per carcass with additional charges for sausage and burger.

How much does it cost to process an elk?

An average sized bull elk should cost no more than $300 to have butchered (give or take $50), depending on how large he is and if you get any jerky or sausage made.

How much do butchers charge to process a deer?

Basic deer processing typically costs $75 to $120, but it varies with each processor. If you order jerky and sausage, the cost will increase, generally at per-pound rates.

How long does it take to process elk?

Senior Member. With 3 folks working together we usually need an hour to 1.5 hours if all we are doing is breaking down the elk for meat and not trying to cape out for a mount or preserve the hide for a rug. This does not include deboning.

How many pounds of meat do you get from an elk?

Skinning and removing the head drops about 73 lbs off the average field-dressed weight of a bull elk and about 45 lbs off a cow elk. Researchers reported that bull elk yielded an average of 218 lbs of boneless lean meat and cows yielded an average of 169 lbs of boneless lean meat.

How much does Game Processing Cost?

The cost to process a deer is between $75 and $200 depending on the process you are looking for, where you are located, and what types of cuts of meat you are looking for.

How much is bear meat per pound?

Center-cut Black Bear steaks go for $18.95 per pound, according to Czimer’s published prices. It does not list a price for Brown Bear steaks, but Black Bear Burgers fetch $9.95 a pound while Elk Burgers go for $6.95 a pound or $3 less.