How long do groundnuts take to grow in Uganda?

How long do groundnuts take to grow in Uganda?

How to harvest your Groundnuts in Uganda. Bunchy groundnuts mature after 115-120 days depending on variety. The semi spreading types mature between 125-135 days. Leaves for mature groundnuts turn yellowish and most will drop off.

How many days does it take to grow groundnuts?

Groundnuts usually require a minimum of 100 to 150 days from planting to maturity, depending on the variety planted. Flowering continues over a long period and pods are in all stages of development at harvest.

How much is groundnut per acre?

Seed rate of 80-100 kilograms is enough for cultivation in 1-acre land. In recent days there is an increase in the availability of high yielding varieties which may yield up to 20 quintals per acre. On average basis a farmer has to spend Rs. 10,000 on seed material.

What is problem of groundnut?

Labour, fertilizer, seed and herbicides are all over utilized except insecticide which is underutilized. Among the problems encountered in groundnut production in the study are lacks of capital and extension services. These two problems accounted for over 78% of the problem of groundnut in the study area.

How many bags of groundnuts make an acre?

An acre produces between 3-8 bags and takes three months to harvest. Manipinta is the large variety and is preferred because of the high yields. An acre can produce up to 12 bags. It therefore rakes in more income based on yield per acre.

Which fertilizer is best for groundnut?

Among the available nitrogenous fertilizers, ammonium sulphate is preferred for groundnut crop because of its sulphur content (24%). It can be used in both rainfed and irrigated conditions.

What month do you plant groundnuts?

Where irrigation facilities are available, sow Groundnut around 20th June or 10 to 12 days before the onset of monsoon with pre-sowing irrigation. This helps in the best utilization of monsoon by the crop because all the seed germination will take place before rains start which ultimately results in a higher yield.

Which soil is suitable for groundnut?

sandy loam
Groundnut plants need well drained sandy loam or clay loam soil for better performance. The soil should be deep and the pH of the soil should be around 5.5 to 7 with high fertility index. It is observed that heavy soil is unsuitable for cultivation because of difficulty in harvesting and pod loss.

How many bags of groundnuts can one acre produce?

It is estimated that a farmer can harvest up to 1.6 tonnes of groundnuts in an acre piece of land. With groundnuts retailing at Sh12,000 per 100kilos, one is likely to earn a whopping Sh192,000 in just 90 days.

What are the diseases that affect groundnut?

Fungal diseases
Fusarium peg and root rot Fusarium spp.
Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporum
Leaf spot, early Cercospora arachidicola Mycosphaerella arachidis [teleomorph]
Leaf spot, late Phaeoisariopsis personata = Cercosporidium personatum Mycosphaerella berkeleyi [teleomorph]

Which of the following is the most important groundnut disease?

Deighton] and rust caused by Puccinia arachidis (Speg.) are the two most destructive fungal foliar diseases of groundnut worldwide.