How do you respond to a bridal shower invitation?

How do you respond to a bridal shower invitation?

A simple, “I’m sorry, I will not be able to attend Suzy’s shower,” should suffice. Remember to thank the hostess for the invitation. If it is a close friend or relative, a reason needs to be stated. Remember to keep your response short, sweet and to the point.

Whats a pantry shower?

The premise behind the shower is exactly what you think. Guests will gift the bride with kitchen and pantry staples, like flour, sugar, salt, pepper, rice, Bisquick… just about any dry, packaged or canned item is fair game! The key is you will be asking the guests to present these in a unique or creative fashion.

How do you say come and go bridal shower?

Choose wording that will clearly get the message across, such as: Please join us for a come-and-go bridal shower honoring the happy couple. Stop by anytime between 2:00-4:00 p.m. to say hello and celebrate [guest of honor]!

How do you ask for money for a bridal shower?

In regards of asking for cash, it is most appropriate to let your family and bridal party spread the word. Let your parents and bridal party know that you want cash instead of gifts for your wedding and they can discreetly pass the word.

What is the best wording for a bridal shower invitation?

For the bride that wants to cut loose with her girls before the big day, choose a fun, slightly more casual bridal shower wording with a card like “It’s Going Down before the Gown.” Remember that for virtual bridal invitation wording, rhymes are your best friend. Another option simply catches attention with a “Hey Ladies!”

How to plan a perfect bridal shower party?

If your bridal shower party has a theme, you have free reign to get punny. For example, if your bride is the queen of crafts, always gifting handmade sweaters and doing needlepoint in front of Netflix, surprise her with a “Let’s Get Crafty” invitation. Cute as a button, and with all the necessary info to kick off a great party.

How to write a bridal shower invitation for a Tea Party?

Some other cute and clever quotes for your tea party bridal shower invitations include: What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be / Than coming together over a cup of tea. Before the bride throws the bouquet / Let’s enjoy a cup of tea on this very special day. While the bride is still a Miss / Let’s sip some tea and share her bliss.

How to write a brunch-themed wedding shower invitation?

A few other wording examples we like for brunch-themed wedding shower invitations include: All you need is love…and mimosas. First comes love…then comes brunch! Before this Miss becomes a Mrs. / Let’s gather for brunch and give her best wishes! Planning a party inspired by the beach?