How do I order a journal of ICAI?

How do I order a journal of ICAI?

Visit webpage The journal is available in form of flipbooks as well as PDFs. A mail is sent to all the members with the highlights that are linked to ICAI website.

How do I publish a journal article in ICAI?

Originality: The article should be original, i.e. not published/broadcasted/hosted elsewhere including any website….FORMAT AND WORD LIMIT:

  1. Word limit: The length of the article should be 2500-3000 words.
  2. Executive Summary: The article should also have an executive summary of around 100 words.

Which magazine is best for CA?

4 Best magazines for Chartered Accountants

  1. Big4. Those who want to conquer the sky always look at the brightest stars.
  2. The CA. The CA magazine is the official magazine of the ICAS, which naturally makes it the most authentic source on the list.
  3. The Economic Times.
  4. The Wall Street Journal.

How can I get ICAI notes?

Alternatively, you can login at and go to download Note and Assignment Option.

How do I download a student journal?

Please use a computer and a Chrome or Firefox browser only, the . zip file will not download on a mobile or tablet device.

  1. Tap Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Download Journal Archives.
  3. Tap the ‘Download Journal’ button for the journal you want to download.
  4. This is what you get!

What is students journal in ICAI?

The Board of Studies publishes a monthly Journal for the students “The Chartered Accountant Student”. Articles relevant to the students on various aspects of different subjects covered by the syllabus, relevant circulars/ notifications, academic updates, etc. are published in the Journal.

What is student journal in ICAI?

How do I change my address for ICAI journal?

Members can also update their address online in the ‘Members’ section placed on the top bar of ICAI website. The required link in the ‘Members’ section is titled ‘Members: Update Your Residential and Professional Addresses’ ( Fill the Membership No and Date of Birth to open the Form.

Which is best Yojana and Kurukshetra?

While Yojana magazines provide content on one theme every month, Kurukshetra contains articles related to rural India and agriculture. Though not as important as Yojana in exam perspective, since this is a magazine by Government of India, it would help aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics.