How do I contact Aerolineas Argentinas in English?

How do I contact Aerolineas Argentinas in English?

For domestic flights please contact e-mail: [email protected] or Tel + 54-11-4130-4000 and, for international flights contact e-mail: [email protected] or Tel + 54-11-4480-6396 / 6264.

Is Aerolineas Argentinas still in business?

The company has been run by the Argentine government since late 2008, when the country regained control of the airline after it was taken over from the Spanish owners. As of December 2014, Aerolíneas Argentinas was state-owned. It has its headquarters in Buenos Aires….Aerolíneas Argentinas.

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How do I contact Aerolineas?

If your enquiry is regarding flight changes or if your purchase was done through another point of sales, you may contact our local call center 1-800-333-0276 or our local ticket offices.

How do you call Aerolineas Argentinas?

(800) 333-0276Aerolíneas Argentinas / Customer service

What terminal is Aerolineas Argentinas at JFK?

Terminal 7

Airlines Departures Terminal
Aer Lingus Aer Lingus Terminal 5
AeroMexico Aeromexico Terminal 4
Aeroflot Aeroflot Terminal 1
Aerolíneas Argentinas Aerolíneas Argentinas Terminal 7

Why flights to Argentina are being Cancelled?

Due to volcanic ash, all AA flights between the U.S. to Argentina and Uruguay on June 9th have been cancelled both northbound and southbound. AA plans to resume service on the evening of June 10 with flights departing from the U.S. to Argentina and Uruguay and with flights departing from Argentina.

Is Bue and Eze the same airport?

BUE is a generic code for all Buenos Aires Metropolitan airports (ie covers both EZE and AEP).

What terminal is Aerolineas Argentinas at Miami airport?

Aerolineas Argentinas uses Terminal S – South at Miami Airport.

Are Terminal 4 and 5 connected at JFK?

Walking. JFK doesn’t encourage walking between terminals as the roads are busy on the inside of the airport loop. However, there are sidewalks available, and it is possible to walk between some of the terminals that are closer together, such as Terminals 1 and 2, and Terminals 4 and 5.

What airlines use Terminal 1 at JFK?

JFK Terminal 1 A number of international airlines fly to and from JFK’s Terminal 1, including Air France, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and more.