Can you take a train from Vancouver to Jasper?

Can you take a train from Vancouver to Jasper?

The stretch from Vancouver to Jasper is around 19 hours, and you gain an hour along the way as the clocks go forward when you cross into Alberta. The train normally leaves Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station at 3pm and arrives into Jasper at 11am the next day, though the timetable can change depending on the season.

How much is the train ride from Vancouver to Jasper?

Which train should you take from Vancouver to Jasper?

Train Daily Trips Avg. Price
VIA Rail 1 $177.53

How do I get from Jasper to Vancouver?

You can take a bus from Jasper National Park to Vancouver via Jasper, AB, Banff, AB, and Banff, AB in around 19h 12m. Alternatively, VIA Rail operates a train from Jasper to Vancouver twice a week. Tickets cost $150 – $380 and the journey takes 23h 30m.

Is there a bus from Vancouver to Jasper?

The quickest way to get from Vancouver to Jasper is to fly and bus which costs $120 – $550 and takes 8h 31m.

How far is Banff from Jasper?

Taking the AB-93 North, the total distance from Banff to Jasper is 288km. Breaking that up – the distance from Banff to Lake Louise (a MUST stop along the way) is 57km and the distance from Lake Louise to Jasper is 233km. Overall, the trip should take close to 4 hours if driving with minimal stops.

What is there to see between Vancouver and Jasper?

The top stops along the way from Vancouver to Jasper National Park (with short detours) are Athabasca Falls, Athabasca Glacier, and Maligne Canyon. Other popular stops include Deception Pass State Park, Sun Peaks, and Whatcom Falls Park.

Are there sleeper cars on VIA Rail?

Looking for a comfortable sleep during your overnight train trip? Choose one of our sleeping car accommodations….Where can I get details on your sleeper cars?

Route Sleeper classes
Toronto-Vancouver (the Canadian) Sleeper Plus class
Montréal-Halifax (the Ocean) Sleeper Plus class
Winnipeg-Churchill Sleeper Plus class