Can you supercharge a V6 engine?

Can you supercharge a V6 engine?

A ProCharger supercharger system takes this powerful V6 and elevates well beyond its V-8 brother. On just a small amount of pump gas friendly boost, ProCharger supercharger systems gain 50% or more on just 7psi of boost!

Are Commodores supercharged?

The supercharged version of the Calais – Holden’s Commodore range-topper – covers ground rapidly and effortlessly. The supercharged version of the 3.8-litre ECOTEC V6 is a potent performer. The Eaton blower boosts horsepower from the standard V6’s 152kW to 171 – which is well ahead of what the old Holden V8 produced.

How much horsepower does a supercharger add to a V6?

A supercharger is connected directly to the engine intake and could provide an extra 50-100 horsepower.

What superchargers are used in Holden six supercharger kits?

The Aussiespeed Holden six supercharger kits can be purchased with or without the supercharger. The 3 main superchargers used in our kits are the Weiand 142 and 144, Eaton gen 4 and gen 5 M90 superchargers and The 192 Cubic inch Blower Shop billet supercharger.

What kind of supercharger does a VP VR have?

This is the pinnacle of centrifugal supercharger development for the VP – VR series. Suitable for stroker V6 engines if supercharger is optioned with high flow billet impeller.

What does the bullet supercharger kit do?

Developed and manufactured in house by Bullet Cars utilising the Rotrex Supercharger, this kit will transform your standard V6 ECOTEC Commodore into a V8 beating machine! The power delivery from the Rotrex Supercharger is extremely smooth and feels like a factory installation.

How much boost does a Holden 202 Supercharger add?

Dave’s Six Shooters first time out with its new engine Combo, Holden 202 fitted with 142 ci Aussiespeed Performance Products Supercharger kit, evil stick blower cam, big bore headers and Quick Fuel Technology carb, has run 7.70 1/8th mile with just 6 psi of boost. Posted by Aussiespeed Street Superchargerson Monday, 29 August 2016