Can you have burgers on slimming world?

Can you have burgers on slimming world?

Yes, really! Burgers and chips are firmly on the menu when you’re Food Optimising – and this tasty version saves loads of Syns compared to the fast food equivalent!

Are beef burgers free on slimming world?

With barbecue season in full swing, burgers and sausages have become a staple part of our summer diets. Made by Marks and Spencer, the supermarket’s skinny beef burgers have just 2.4g of fat per 100g, making them syn-free for Slimming Worlders.

How many SYNS is a burger?

Burger King Syns – Slimming World – Updated 8th July 2019

Product Syns
Burger King Latte (each) 7
Burger King Cheeseburger (each) 15
Burger King Hamburger (each) 13
Burger King Whopper (each) 30½

How many calories are in a Slimming World burger?

Energy: 148 calories

Protein 20.6g
Carbs 5.9g
Fat 4.6g

How many SYNS is a Quarter Pounder burger?

McDonalds Slimming World Syn Guide

McDonalds Dressing Balsamic (30g sachet)
McDonalds Main Menu Filet-o-Fish (each) 16½
McDonalds Main Menu Quarter Pounder with Cheese (each) 26
McDonalds Main Menu Spicy Vegetable Deluxe (each) 20½
McDonalds Main Menu The Original BBQ Smokehouse Burger (each) 31½

What can I have with burgers instead of chips?

What to Serve With Your Burgers (Instead of Fries)

  • Tomato and Green Bean Farro Salad with Black Pepper-Feta Vinaigrette.
  • Potato Salad with Fried Garlic and Herbs.
  • Sweet Corn, Tomato & Spinach Salad with Blue Cheese.
  • Broccoli Slaw.
  • Crunchy Polenta Fries with Sriracha Mayo.
  • Grilled Potato Fries.

How many SYNS are Lidl burgers?

List Updated 28th February 2017!

Name Syns
Lidl Moordale Ultimate Beef Burgers, frozen 4 pack (170g each) 14½
Lidl Deluxe Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake, frozen 6 portion (per portion) 16
Lidl Kania Chicken & Mushroom Pasta in Sauce (100g made up) 1
Lidl Combino Tomato Pasta Sauce with Onion & Garlic (500g jar) 14

How many calories are in a beef quarter pounder on slimming world?

166 calories
There are 166 calories in 100 g of Slimming World Beef Quarter Pounder.

How many SYNS is a Quarter Pounder?

How many SYNS is a Big Mac?

McDonalds Slimming World Syn Guide

McDonalds Dressing Balsamic (30g sachet)
McDonalds Main Menu Chicken Selects (5 pieces) 19
McDonalds Main Menu Mayo Chicken (each) 16
McDonalds Main Menu Mozzarella Dippers (per portion) 13½
McDonalds Main Menu Big Mac (each) 25½

How many SYNS are Greggs?


Product Syns
Greggs Triple Chocolate Muffin (129g each) 25½
Greggs Breakfast All Butter Croissant (each) 15
Greggs Caramel Custard Doughnut (102g each) 15
Greggs Breakfast Sausage Breakfast Roll (each) 20

What is Slimming World’s Burger and chips recipe?

Slimming World’s burger and chips recipe uses lean beef mince and is served with oven-baked chips. Topped with bacon and cheese, Slimming World’s burger is made with beef, onions, garlic, and a dash of Worcester sauce for an extra kick of flavour.

Can you cook Slimming World burgers in a bowl?

The Slimming World Burger in a bowl has juicy beef, our special super sauce and lots of fresh salad – everything but the roll! Spray a large, heavy-based non-stick frying pan with low-calorie cooking spray and place over a high heat.

How many Syns are in a wholemeal Burger?

Deduct 6 Syns if using Bread rolls wholemeal as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice. Preheat your grill to high. Put the onion, garlic, beef and Worcestershire sauce in a bowl, season lightly and combine using your fingers. Divide the mixture into 8 equal portions and shape them into burgers.

How much does Slimming World cost?

*Standard weekly fee is £5.95. Take control of your weight loss with our Digital-only service where you’ll be surrounded by a thriving community of online slimmers all working towards their weight loss goals. Would you love a taste of Slimming World?