Are Lidl gins any good?

Are Lidl gins any good?

Lidl’s gin is some of the best supermarket gin out there. Lidl’s Hortus Japanese Cherry Blossom Gin (£17.99) is definitely a bit of us. It features delicate hints of sancho peppers and cherry blossom, which were locally sourced in Japan, creating a bright, citrus-led gin with a rich, floral character.

Who makes Aldis gin?

Charles Turner and Dickie Williams, along with their families, turned their fruit farm into a craft gin distillery and created something special by working together. The Herefordshire-based fruit farmers started their gin journey back in 2017 and their businesses has now been crowned Best British Distiller by Aldi.

What supermarkets have gin on offer?

The UK’s Best Price Gin from Supermarkets

Best value for money gin available in the supermarket Aldi
Best value for money branded gin (excludes own brand) Tesco
Lowest price for 35cl bottle ASDA / Tesco
Lowest price for 70cl bottle Aldi
Lowest price for 1l bottle Aldi

What is the best Lidl gin?

Lidl – Hortus Citrus Garden Gin No fewer than four of Lidl’s gins have won awards and we particularly like this Citrus Garden Gin from the Hortus range. Botanicals are steeped for at least eight hours, and include lemon and orange for a hit of citrus.

Is M&S gin good?

This gin smells and tastes like Christmas. It is very sweet and drinking it neat it feels a bit cloying on the teeth, but with a mixer in a long drink it is delicious and incredibly festive even before you factor in the light up bottle and gold leaf sparkles.

What is the most expensive brand of gin?

5 of the Most Expensive Gins in the World Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut. This Belgian gin is distilled four times, the first three using only the grain bill, and the fourth with 13 botanicals added. 45 West Distillery Burleigh’s London Dry Gin. The Brits make a fine gin, no doubt about it. Nolet Reserve Dry Gin. The Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin. Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV.

What is the best gin in the world?

The World’s Best Gins. World’s Best Gin: Miller’s Gin Westbourne Strength. A fresh and crisp flavour, with the succulence of cucumber and some lively, luscious fruit. Light floral notes throughout with juniper and angelica in the finish.