Who bought Olivia Pope in the auction?

Who bought Olivia Pope in the auction?

Stephen Finch
Olivia is Rescued and Huck “Deals with Andrew” Abby Whelan was not able to find Olivia but she did find Stephen Finch, she called in a favour and told him that Olivia was in trouble. Olivia Pope is about to be given to her new owners but it’s Stephen. He bought Olivia and saved her, like she saved him in the past.

Why was Stephen written off Scandal?

Former Lost star Cusick was a series regular on the ABC drama’s first season as Stephen Finch, but will not return for season two. Rhimes told TV Guide that the actor’s contract was not renewed since his character was not receiving sufficient screen time. “Henry Ian Cusick is such a great guy,” said the showrunner.

What happened to Harrison on Scandal?

Rowan killed Harrison Wright when Harrison found out that Rowan had killed Jerry Grant, Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant’s son.

What happened to Stephen Finch on Scandal?

Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) left “Scandal” after Season 1 to have a “normal” life with his fiancĂ©e, Georgia. We never really heard of him again until now. As the episode unraveled, we found out Abby called Interpol to find out where Stephen was living and reached out to him.

Who is Ian in Scandal?

Jason Butler Harner
Jason Butler Harner: Ian McLeod. Jump to: Quotes (3)

Who was Stephen in Scandal?

Stephen Finch is a fictional lawyer and one of the main characters on the ABC television drama Scandal. Played by actor Henry Ian Cusick, he was introduced in the pilot episode of the show, “Sweet Baby”, but departed the show after season one.

What happened to Vice President Andrew on Scandal?

Andrew Nichols was murdered by Olivia Pope, when Andrew refused to take the Ten million dollars that he demanded and threatened to kidnap Olivia again. Olivia killed Andrew by hitting him repeatedly over the head with a metal chair that was in the The Bunker; where Andrew was being kept.