Who are the Team NZ crew?

Who are the Team NZ crew?

Team New Zealand or TNZ is a sailing team based in Auckland, New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron….

Team New Zealand
Skipper Peter Burling
Notable sailors Sir Peter Blake Russell Coutts Dean Barker Glenn Ashby Peter Burling

How fast is Emirates Team New Zealand?

Emirates Team New Zealand recorded the top speed of 49.1 knots at the world series regatta. The French magazine suggested that might already have been achieved, even claiming the Kiwis had done a notch or two above that in training.

How heavy is Team NZ boat?

Team NZ’s latest creation Te Rehutai is similar in size – perhaps a little narrower and a little taller – but tips the scales at only 6.4 tonnes and reaches speeds of more than 50 knots (92 kph). Of course, America didn’t have foils either.

Is Peter Burling the skipper?

Peter Burling MNZM (born 1 January 1991) is a New Zealand sailor. He was the 2021 America’s Cup winning skipper and helmsman, and the 2017 America’s Cup winning helmsman of Team New Zealand, and won an Olympic gold medal in the 49er class at the 2016 games and silver medals in the 2012 and 2020 Olympics.

How long is the Emirates Team New Zealand boat?

The 45 foot catamaran has been in the process of being built for the past six months and has taken a dedicated team of boat builders and sub contractors over 35,000 man hours to construct, with the main construction and assembly completed in house at the Emirates Team New Zealand base.

Who is the skipper of Team New Zealand?

Peter BurlingTeam New Zealand / Captain

America’s Cup 2021: Team New Zealand skipper Peter Burling reacts to retaining the Auld Mug on home waters – NZ Herald.

Is Team NZ faster than Luna Rossa?

Both teams had expert crews. But, as in most sailing races, the outcome eventually came down to one simple fact: New Zealand’s boat was faster. Team New Zealand retained the America’s Cup on Wednesday, speeding away from its Italian challenger Luna Rossa to claim sailing’s biggest prize in its home waters off Auckland.

Who is faster Team NZ or Prada?

Those spying on Emirates Team New Zealand’s training on the Waitemata Harbour this past week say they have a faster boat than Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli. Speeding at almost 100 kph over water, no wonder Team NZ have confidence in their speed.

How Team NZ won the America’s Cup?

Through the last gate, Emirates Team New Zealand took the right-hand mark rounding 49 seconds ahead as they headed off on the last leg of what would surely be the last race in the 36th America’s Cup. A race and a win that would see them take the oldest sporting trophy in international sport.

Why is New Zealand so good at sailing?

‘It’s no accident that we have the highest boat ownership per head of capita globally and there is no doubt that New Zealand has some of best cruising grounds in the world. Kiwis have been born and bred on the water with most of the population living by the ocean.

Who is Burlings girlfriend?

Blair Tuke
The property is a classic villa with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three living rooms and a pool. Burling is still in Europe with sailing partner Blair Tuke and is understood to be readying himself for Round 6 of the SailGP next month in Spain.

How old is Blair Tuke?

32 years (July 25, 1989)Blair Tuke / Age