Where to watch Matilda movie?

Where to watch Matilda movie?

‘Matilda’ is currently available to rent, purchase, or stream via subscription on Redbox, YouTube, Freeform, Google Play Movies, AMC on Demand, DIRECTV, Starz Roku Premium Channel, Microsoft Store, Apple iTunes , Amazon Video, Spectrum On Demand, and Vudu . Stream & Watch Online powered by

Who are the characters in the movie Matilda?

Movie Played by: Mara Wilson (6-years-old); Alissa and Amanda Graham & Trevor and James Gallagher (newborn); Kayla and Kelsey Fredericks (nine months); Sara Magdalin (4-years-old) The title character and main protagonist.

What is the movie Matilda about?

The film is about a young genius named Matilda, who uses telekinesis to deal with her parents, who do not value education, and Agatha Trunchbull , the oppressive principal of Crunchem Hall Elementary School. The film was released in the United States on August 2, 1996.

Who are the actors in Matilda?

Matilda is a film released in 1996 and directed by Danny DeVito. The runtime of Matilda is 98 minutes (01 hours 38 minutes). The leading star actors of Matilda are Brian Levinson , Danny DeVito, Embeth Davidtz , Kiami Davael, Mara Wilson , Pam Ferris , Paul Reubens , Rhea Perlman , Tracey Walter .

What is the plot of Matilda?

Plot summary. In a small Buckinghamshire village, Matilda Wormwood is a five-and-half-year-old girl of unusual precocity, but she is often ill-treated or neglected by her parents and older brother Michael.

Who is the actress in the movie Matilda?

Matilda Wormwood . She discovers she has psychokinetic powers which she uses to her advantage. In the BBC Radio 4 two-part adaptation of the novel, she is played by Lauren Mote and in the film, she is portrayed by American actress Mara Wilson .

Who is the principal in the movie Matilda?

The movie Matilda was released on August 2, 1996. The name of the principal is Agatha Trunchbull played by Pam Ferris. Tags: pam ferris, matilda, august 2, principal.